Spring Closet Clear Out – My Virtual Closet!

Hello Fashionistas!

Clearing out your closet can be a lot of work and for me, usually takes days. This Spring I have never been so motivated in my life to clear out my closet!

I have been working hard making way for new summer editions! With that being said, I have a TON of dresses, skirts, tops, accessories, (the list goes on) that no longer fits.


I wondered, how can I make extra cash this summer and feel like my clothes go to the best home? I heard several reviews for an App called Poshmark. I downloaded it and fell in love! I was blown away at the amount of people who are in the Poshmark Community! I felt happy that people in the community loved to take care of their clothes as much as I do!

All you have to do is upload an image of your item on the Poshmark App:


Make a title, describe the item, choose a category and pick the appropriate size and color for it:

After you’ve completed that, you will input what the original price the item was and then input what you are listing it for! There is a $2.95 fee that Poshmark takes out of every sale which covers shipping and credit card fees. In that screen, you will be able to tell what your profit is after the fee is subtracted!


After you post, you listing, keep sharing it and wait until you get offers or it’s sold!

Here are some tips to start selling your closet.

1. Lighting is Key! 

Make sure you have good lighting in your pictures of your items! People want to see what you are selling so make sure you take pictures from all angles and if you have items with tags, make sure they are shown.

2. Have a theme to your closet!

My theme is girly with White, pink and blue backgrounds, such as walls, fuzzy rugs and try on pictures.

3. Being Authentic.

Make sure you talk about imperfections. If there is a stain on an item, make sure you tell the customer in the description before, maybe offer a reduced price.

4. Be aware of offers.

People will ask for lower prices on your items, so make sure you are prepared just in someone might offer a lower price than you are requesting

5. Clothing Racks

I’ve had a clothing rack just laying around my house and I finally have a use for it! for $10.00 at Ikea, I purchased a clothing rack that will make organizing all of your items you’re selling a piece of cake!

6. First Impressions

Make sure your first picture will capture the attention of your audience! Make it “Click Worthy”.

I currently have “my closet” up and things for sale! If you are wanting to become an entrepreneur, start with your closet! I’m cycling out SO many items, you have to check out my closet! Currently, if you buy 3 items from my closet, you’ll receive 10% off your order!

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