Summer Beach Bag Essentials!

DSCN0494Summer has begun and several of us are heading to the beach! These essentials help me relax and have a great time at the beach without any worries!

My beach bag is by Macbeth Collection. I purchased this bag only for $16.99! I love the bag because it’s see through and very lightweight. They are currently having a summer sale where you can save 40% off the whole site! Just use promo code: SUMMER40 at checkout!

Sunscreen/Tanning Oil 


This is one of the most important essentials! I make sure that when I pick out my tanning spray, that it at least has an SPF of 10 or more.

Tip: If you wear make up to the beach, try finding one that has an SPF! 

First Aid/Make Up Bag 


In this little bag I like to keep smaller items so that things don’t spill in my beach bag or get lost. This bag is also from the Macbeth Collection and I purchased this bag at Bealls.



In my smaller bag, I keep mini towelettes and hand sanitizer just in case of a spill or if using the public restrooms on the public access beaches.

Portable Charger 


My phone is my main source of music when I am on the beach, so I like to bring a back up charger just in case my battery starts to get low.

Pen and Notebook


I am always coming up with random ideas and thoughts and when I’m on the beach, I get so many more creative ideas. I like keeping a handy dandy notebook by my side at all times for whenever I have a “light bulb” moment.

Hair Clip


Whenever I get in the gulf water or a pool, I always put my hair into a clip to keep my hair from getting in the water. I use this clip from Conair, which I’ve had for years!

Card Games


I love bringing card games to the beach as a pass time. These cards are Olaf In Summer themed. Of course, I would have these in my summer beach bag.

Beach Towel


Completely essential. I always bring 3 extra towels because I am that friend that brings so many items for a 3 hour trip. I come prepared. This towel is from Home Goods!



Any cute and cheap sunglasses are essentials for the beach. These sunglasses are from Ross and for only $5.99.

Favorite Beverage/ Stay Hydrated 


I am always bringing a cooler of drinks to the beach. It’s important that you drink water and stay hydrated while soaking up the sun! (Even though I don’t have water pictured!)

Flip Flops


I love throwing a pair of flip flops on and walking out the door! These flip flops are adorable from Walmart!



Any chip snack is better at the beach! My favorite are the Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Scream – they are a beach favorite!

Hair Product 


After I am leaving the beach, I like to put the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Hair cream in my hair to contain my frizzy beach hair. This product is great for the beach or even when you are just wanting to have beach waves.

Floppy Hats and Baseball Cap


I am obsessed with floppy hats. This is the perfect season for straw floppy hats. I love wearing these on the beach because they protect my whole face. I purchased this floppy hat from TJ Maxx for only $12.99. I love beach hair, I don’t have a care!

I also love this light pink baseball cap that says Mermaid on it. I thought it was very fitting for a beach trip. This hat is super cute and another alternative for protecting your face from the sun.



That is all for my summer beach bag essentials. I hope you found an essential to add to your beach bag!

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