What’s In My Carry On?

Hello All Jet Setters!

Carry On bags are essential to have for every traveler. Sometimes, we don’t know what to bring or what should be in it. I have several different items I keep in my carry on bag that I would like to share with you! Whenever I am traveling, I try to keep several different projects together because I feel most productive in the sky. Don’t ask me why, but there is something about traveling that it always a good idea!

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This carry on bag is by Jessica Simpson. The travel bag is perfect for the airport. Inside it has several different compartments for a laptop, ID, Boarding Pass, and the list goes on! I chose the teal color to match my luggage so it can stand out and I know exactly every single time that is my luggage.


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I always will bring my laptop because I will be either be editing pictures, finishing up assignments or writing a blog to post! It’s essential. I need this MacBook just in case the flight is delayed or to watch Netflix.  This is the MacBook in Rose Gold.


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I always bring every single charger I own. Since I have a MacBook, I have different adapters that I use. I will bring my SD card USB drive to transport pictures to edit.


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I will always bring gum with me for the plane because I have the worst ear pains every time on the plane.

Baseball Hat

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Whenever I am traveling I want to be comfortable and I typically do not attempt to do my hair. So I cover everything up with a super cute hat that I got at Bealls!


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Essential. Absolutely needed. My source of food, shopping, boarding and life are all in this wallet. that I purchased at TJ Maxx. This teal color is one of my favorite colors ever!



I bring my camera everywhere because I never know if I might have an impromptu photoshoot or taking pictures once I land. I keep this with me on the plane just in case if my luggage was to get lost. My whole life is in that camera!

Mini Essentials

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I cannot live without my sunglasses, lipstick, and mascara. Cash is pretty important too. these are things I keep together on a daily basis, but I bring them with anyway.

Lipstick: Forever 21 in the shade Wine

Sunglasses: Jessica Simpson Collection – TJ Maxx

Mascara: Tarte – Lights, Camera, Action in the shade Black

To Do List

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Whenever I am by myself or quite, I have a lot to think about. I am constantly thinking about what I need to do or what needs to get done. I keep this notebook with me in case some thing comes up. This is my time to get organized especially if it is a long flight.

Instax Mini 8

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I keep this camera in my carry on just in case I am with friends and I want to take an instant picture and pass them out to everyone. This is another style of pictures I love!


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Since I love planning out things in advance, I am always keeping a large notebook in my carry on. I plan out blogs, video ideas, or maybe write down how I am feeling. It is the perfect time to debrief and reflect on the trip or what you want to get out of your trip.


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I love keeping this with me so I can plan out my trip in advance or any last minute things I may think of. I love bring able to look at a physical planner instead of my phone so I can plan out anything that comes to mind. I purchased all of these notebooks from Home Goods.


I hope this was helpful for anyone who may be traveling this summer!

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