Posh 101:How To Post a Poshmark Listings & Seller Pro Tips

Happy Saturday Poshers!

I know my closet is always full of clothes that I don’t wear anymore. I am constantly asking myself, why did I even by that shirt and what was I thinking! Three months ago, I stumbled upon Poshmark, an app to sell gently used and brand new clothes, accessories, handbags, shoes, and more. I have had nothing but success on this app, selling over 80 pieces of clothing and accessories in just three months – THREE MONTHS. I didn’t even know I had that many items in my closet to sell or that I didn’t ever reach for.

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Now that fall is fast approaching us, it’s time to clear out the closet of all those summer clothes and help make a few extra bucks! This app is super user friendly and easy to use! Here is a step by step guide on how to list an item in your closet!

Step 1: Clear Out Your Closet

Find all of those items that still have tags, don’t fit, or you haven’t reached for in a while and make a pile! I like going through and taking pictures of all my items and keeping them in my camera roll. You are able to select up to 8 pictures of your item! Use them wisely!

Posh Pro Tip: Post New Listings on Fridays! Pay Day! 


Step 2: Crop Your Photos and Create a Cover Shoot 

We want your item to sell and catch the attention of a potential buyer. Make your background clean, and full of lighting to achieve the ultimate sales!


Posh Pro Tip: Crop your picture to remove extra backgrounds to take away from the item. 

Step 3: Clever Titles

This step is the most important. This will be the first thing people are going to read and look at as they are scrolling through their Poshmark feed. I like to added attention grabbing words such as “summer must have” or “trendy fall coat” to spice up the title.



Step 4: Describing Your Item 

This is very important for you to accurately describe your item in this space. If there is any damages, holes, stains or wear and tear, make sure you are describing that. I like describing what outfit the item would look good with or with what season to get people thinking about why they should buy my item.


Posh Pro Tip: Take measurements of you items and put it in the description! Sometimes Poshers will ask for measurements, so keep a ruler handy. 

Step 5: Selecting A Category and Subcategory

The next step is to categorize your item. If you want people to see the item when they search, make sure you use this. These categories are good for when you share to Posh Parties.

Posh Pro Tip: The more your item is specific, the more people will see exactly what they are looking for. 



Step 6: How Many Are You Selling? 

Specify how many of that item you will be selling. If you have items that are the exact same, this would be a great feature for you!

Step 7: Selecting The Correct Size

This is another required step to take in listing a Poshmark item. There are so many unique sizes on Poshmark. There are the standard sizes, plus, petite, juniors, mens, youth and much more. This will help your audience know exactly what size your item will be.


Step 8: Selecting A Brand

This step is crucial if people look up your items by brand. There are features on Poshmark where someone can just look up “Michael Kors” and only that brand will come up. To get more advertisement of your item, tag the brand and it will always come up in the search bar.


Step 9: COLORS!

You have the option to select colors on Poshmark listings. The downside to this is that they don’t have “burgundy”, “maroon” or any specific colors – just the basics. I like to add the specific colors in the description or title so people will know that their is a specific color to that item.


Step 10: NWT or NWOT

New With Tag (NWT) or New With Out Tag (NWOT)! This is Poshmark lingo that you will become familiar with! I like letting people know if there is a tag on an item, indicating it has never been worn before. Never worn before = more value. If you have not worn it before and the tag is off – and be honest – write in your title “NWOT” to indicate that it doesn’t have a tag, but never worn before. If you click yes in the NWT, make sure you are taking pictures of the tag for proof in the first step to make sure that people know it is true.


Step 11: Money Time

Each listing you create with Poshmark will take a $2.95 fee each time something is sold. This will cover the costs of your PREPAID shipping label that is sent directly to you within seconds. There is the option to put in the original price that you paid. I typically remember how much I spent on each item and know that they value of that item is, so I will always make that section. If not, you can leave it blank. Every time you list an item, your earnings will be right below.

Posh Pro Tip: Anything you list higher that $15, Poshmark will take 20% from you listing price. 


Now that you’ve listed your item, you are ready for selling! Make sure to share your item daily so people see that you are active and your followers can see it on your feed. Sharing your items will heighten your ability to sell quicker. I sold my very first item within 4 days of being on Poshmark. Stay active on the app and you will see a difference in your closet and wallet.


Major Key To Success With Poshmark: When you share your items, other people will share your items. When they share your item, you share theirs back. When you share, everyone will share.   


I hope this helped you all if you choose to download Poshmark and start selling!

If you join Poshmark, let me know in the comments below!

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Happy Poshing!



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