What’s In My Backpack? BTS Essentials Guide!

Happy Tuesday!

It’s that time of year! The fall semester is fast approaching and I have back to school essentials for last minute shoppers.


I purchased this backpack from Forever 21 in New York City! This backpack is perfect for school because of it’s front pocket and spacious for notebooks and extra essentials!


This color is perfect for me and my personality! The material is of a bomber jacket! This backpack is simple and can be dressed up! I plan on putting Disney pins on the front of the pocket!

Here are a few of my essentials in this backpack!



I am all about planners! It is important as college students that we stay organized with our busy schedules. I like using larger planners so I have room to write in the “month” boxes.




Ever since I started college, I have been obsessed with writing with wooden pencils. To be honest, they make me feel smarter and that’s always a good thing.

Fun Fact: That blue pencil says “Just Keep Swimming”! 

Handy Dandy Notebook 


I’ve seen these notebooks in TJ Maxx and Home Goods! These are perfect to throw in your backpack and write any little reminders or notes in. I love keep one on me at all times!


Inspirational Notebooks 


I love having notebooks that are colorful and vibrant! I love using notebooks that will basically inspire me to take notes and stay active in class. I purchase most of my notebooks from Home Goods, which has an AMAZING selection of notebooks for back to school!

DIY Tip: Don’t have the extra cash to spend? Use a plain notebook and decorate it with pictures and motivational words online! New notebook in no time! 



Essentials Emergency Bag


Every girl needs on of these bags! I purchased this bag from Target on clearance! I love the navy blue and white stripes! I usually keep all my little essentials in this bag.


I like keeping extra pens, lotion, mints, hair ties and bobby pins, a portable charger, wipes, a mini deodorant, and of course, lip products! I never know when I will need to freshen up with my busy schedule!

Pencil Pouch


I always carry a mini pencil pouch for my highlighters, pens, pencils, and sticky tabs. I purchased this bag from Bealls! It is super cute! I love having separate bags so I only have to pull out one for class.


Index Cards


I love index cards! I usually keep a stack of a few in my backpack. I usually will keep some on me just in case I might write vocab or any important test questions on them to look back on.



I am obsessed with sticky notes! I will write little reminders everywhere. I also use these in class if there is a section that may be super important in the textbook that I have to look back on.



I am always carrying my rose gold Macbook everywhere I go! This Macbook is so compact, thin and sleek! It is perfect for getting assignments done in style.


I hope the guide helped for preparing your backpack for back to school! I will be posting a few more back to school blogs soon!

to find out where I got my outfit shown in the pictures, look our for my Fall Transition/First Day of School OOTD coming soon!

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