Desk Inspiration For A Girl Boss

Every Girl Boss needs a desk that makes you feel motivated and ready to get things done! I have a few tips for you to feel confident while getting your work done. Your desk is where you plan your ideas and goals. Whether it is for school, business, or work, you are planning something for your future.


I know when I have a cluttered desk, I tend to not want to do work on my desk or I leave to go to Starbucks to finish my blogging or school assignments.

I am giving you 3 things you can do with your desk space!

Add Inspirational Canvases 



I love purchasing these cute canvases with gold writing from Home Goods. These are very affordable and spice up any room! I am in love with the quote “She believed, she could, so she did”. I also love coffee, Instagram, and I email everyday so the lower canvas was made for me! Whenever I look at the canvases It reminds me that life is like a canvas – you can put anything you want on it.

These are super inexpensive! They are between $14.99-$16.99 a piece from Home Goods! 

Corkboard/Burlap Board with Clothes Pins 


I love putting inspirational print outs, fortunes, pictures that inspire me, or little notes on this board because I look at it constantly. I am always switching things out for new things. It is perfect for those that like to change it up! I purchased this also at Home Goods for $19.99!

DIY Peg Board


I got this peg board from Lowes and painted it white! I bought hooks from Home Depot and I hung them up on the board over my desk. I placed clipboards, a shelf and a variety of notebooks on the board. It inspires me every time I look at it. When I am done with the look, I switch out the pictures, notebooks, or rearrange the look!


I have at the bottom of my DIY Peg Board the words “dream” to remind me to not give up on my dreams while I plan whatever I need to do!

Clip Board and Motivational Print Outs 


I love decorating with print outs of motivational words like the clipboard on the right with “follow your own path”. I love changing them out depending on my mood and time of the year. A calendar is a must!


Desk Decor


The fashionista is at work! I love spicing my desk up with fun elements such as this vintage name plate that I bought from TJ Maxx. I also have a fake plant with a pretty teal planter from Ikea to add greenery to my desk.


Desk Overview


My gold chair is from Home Goods and my desk is the Alex Desk from Ikea. I threw  white fur rug on the chair to at more elements of cozy into my workspace.



I hope this gave you motivation to revamp your workspace! My desk is 90% Home Goods, so that is your best place to shop for your desk to become girl boss material!

I love my space because it motivates me to keep working hard at my goals.

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