How to Stay Motivated and Positive

I have five tips for those that seeking motivation and positivity! I know there have been times where I struggled with staying positive when there is a ton of negativity going on around me. There were times, when I was younger, staying positive was a hard task to handle. Seeking motivation to accomplish tasks was difficult because I didn’t believe in myself.

Once I became older, I realized that if I stuck to these few tips, I would be able to be more successful and continue to stay positive by following them. My motivation since implementing these tips since high school have been working in my favor. I am here to share with you how to become motivated for life, your future, and not to give up on your dreams.

To Do Lists 


For starters, a to do list not only helps you with daily tasks, but you are able to create your own list of what YOU want to do with YOUR own time. By writing your task down – you are headed in the right direction. A study was shown, if you write your to do’s down, you are more likely to get them accomplished. Something I have learned with To Do List’s are to not over load your list. Write about 4-5 To Do’s down – if you accomplish them all, create more that are attainable. To Do’s don’t have to be a long list of duties that need completion, but can be Daily Tasks that you are 100% able to accomplish.


The overall goal for writing a to do list is to stay on the right track as well as feel accomplished. Wether you write a to do list on paper or through “notes” on your phone, being able to cross off or delete you task is a great feeling to stay positive and motivated.

Attainable Goals


Goals are what motivate us. Goals are for you look forward to for the future. For example, my goal by the end of this year is to have 50 blogs. I will be able to achieve that goal because it is not a “out of this world” goal; it is reachable; it is positive. I know that through my love for blogging, I will be able to achieve the goal. My deadline for this is December 31st, 2017. This is a personal goal of mine not only to better myself, but inform and create a following for the future. This is a specific goal because I am able to have the specific number of blogs that I want to be at by my deadline.

This goal theory is called “DAPPS”. Dated. Achievable. Personal. Positive. and Specific. I learned this theory at a workshop at the University of Tampa in the spring and I have been using it ever since.


Knowing that I have an attainable and realistic goal makes me motivated to conquer whatever I set my mind to as long as it’s using the DAPPS method.



Sometimes the best way to let off negativity is to write. I know whenever I am going through a tough time I tend to write down how I feel or whatever is going on in that moment. I love writing about the positive things that happen throughout the year, documenting when major things happen in my life. It is refreshing to look back on memories and see what you were able to accomplish in the past.

Reward Yourself  

IMG_8026 (1)

Rewarding yourself is another great way to stay motivated! I love being able to say “hey, I completed a really hard task, time to get coffee!” Or I’ll make it a point to find time to plan a Disney day trip as a reward for myself if I keep up with my to do list every day of that week.


Destress & Take Time Off


I try reward myself with things that I know will take my mind off of stress such as going to Disney World. I typically will plan my Disney Days in advance and days leading up to it, I know I need to complete everything before going to escape reality for a few hours. Distressing at Disney World is my favorite way to not only reward myself, but take time to reflect on positive things. Every time I get the chance to have a break and reflect is the best way for me to maintain motivation.


I hope these tips help you to stay motivated and positive through anything you may be going through.

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