Fall Essentials & Room Decor Guide

Happy Fall Y’all!

I have the so many essentials for fall! This is my favorite time of year. Not only is it my birthday season, but I love the atmosphere, fashion, it’s the start of cooler weather and my cozy essentials!

Fuzzy/Cozy Blankets


Cozy blankets are essential for fall! They are the perfect thing to add to any space. They add a comfortable and cozy vibe to a room for the holidays. My favorite thing to do is add them to my couch and foot of the bed as a room essential. IMG_0217

Decorative Fall/Halloween Pillows


I love having decorative pillows themed to the season. I decorate mostly with pillows because of how cute and comfortable they are. I love putting them on the bed or couch. I typically purchase colors or themes surrounding that holiday or season.


Fall Tip: I purchased my Happy Halloween pillow from Home Goods for only $16.99 and Happy Fall Y’all from Ross for $7.99! Amazing Shopper Deal!  



Garlands and Banners 


It is essential to have leaf garlands, orange lights, and pennant banners for fall! I have them behind my couch for the perfect decor. When I added the leaves and lights to my room, it instantly felt like fall.


Below is an overview of my favorite corner in my room including a super cute banner!



Candy Corn


My favorite fall candy is the original candy corn. It is a classic treat! Around my house there is always a mason jar filled with candy corn that doubles as great decor.




Pumpkins are essential for this time of year! I love having these light up Mickey and Minnie Mouse pumpkins around the room to add a fun spin on the season.


Fall Candles 


Pumpkin spice and everything nice! I love having candles that smell exactly like fall around to create a cozy environment.


I love purchasing a ton of Bath and Body Works candles, specifically Sweater Weather!


Fall Playlist


I have a playlist for every season, but this season in particular there isn’t any music for. I typically will add to my Spotify playlist songs that remind me of the season. Taylor Swift’s Red Album is one of my favorite albums to listen to in the fall.


Fall Tip: On of my favorite songs off of the Red album is “All Too Well”! Reminds me of fall! 


Signage & DIY’s 


I love creating DIY’s this time of year! This is one of them! I will put signs like this around my room to remind me of my favorite things about the season.

Pumpkin Spice Soap


I love fall so much that I purchase any hand soap with the words pumpkin and spice on it. I love the aroma of fall, so whenever there is a soap or hand sanitizer with “pumpkin” on it, I have to buy it.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes ~ PSL 


Pumpkin Spice Lattes is the best part about this season. It’s liquid fall in a cup – it doesn’t get any better than that. It is a part of the season! I love having PSLs throughout the entire season. I typically will get an iced PSL until the weather starts to hit the 80’s, because Florida Fall isn’t fall at all.


I hope you enjoyed this fall blog! I hope this inspired you to start to bringing out your fall decor and make the most of this season! Enjoy every moment.

Thank you for reading!

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