Ultimate Holiday Bucket List #cheymas

The Holidays are officially here!

I have the best and ultimate holiday Bucket List for you to have the best December ever! I intend on doing something everyday to work towards this amazing bucket list so keep reading to see my list.

Decorate A Christmas Tree


Decorating your tree is one of the best activities to do this Holiday Season! Deck The Halls and start pulling out your festive room decor! A guide will be up soon starting December 1st!

Make A Christmas Playlist 

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.29.18 AM.png

I have a playlist called “The Most Wonderful Time”, that has all my favorite Christmas music on their!

Decorate A Gingerbread House

I always end up making a Gingerbread House and it completely falls apart, but the best part is making it with others and spending time doing something with friends or family.

Mail A Letter To Santa


I love going to Macy’s to write a letter to Santa, even though I am too old to go visit Santa, I will always still believe in the spirit of Christmas. I love writing down just a few things to help the Make A Wish Foundation make dreams come true.


Buy A Christmas Onesie

I own about 3 Christmas adult onesies and I love them! They are fun and warm! I typically will purchase mine from Target! Go check out some here!

Drink Hot Cocoa

This is a must this holiday season! Hot Cocoa is perfect for the chilly winter nights!

Watch a Hallmark Movie Marathon

Grab a ton of blankets, hot cocoa and a few friends and watch the Christmas movie marathons on the Hallmark Channel! I love watching these movies because of how cheesy and adorable they are!

Volunteer At a Local Charity Holiday Tent

Take time out of your weekend or winter breaks to volunteer to help others this holiday. The most valuable thing is time, so dedicate some time in your life to help those in need.

Bake Holiday Cookies

Baking Holiday cookies also includes the boxes of the Pillsbury sugar cookies with the colorful snowman.

Watch ELF or the Grinch! 

These movies are classics! These are for sure going to be on your schedule of movies to watch this year!

Burn Christmas Candles

Grab your favorite Christmas scents from Bath and Body Works – Fresh Balsam, Tis The Season and more! There are so many great candles to spice up your room this season!

Start A New Tradition


Find a new tradition to start this year. Every year I make an effort to donate to charities. This is a tradition that I will do for the rest of my life for the holiday season. OR make a tradition for wear PJ’s all Christmas Day!

Drive Around To See Christmas Lights

I love finding streets that are themed and have their lights planned out.

Kiss Someone Under The Mistletoe

Grab someone you love and kiss them under the mistletoe! This is couple goals!

Send Out Christmas Cards

Get Christmas Cards for all of your family and friends and send them out to your loved ones this Christmas! Christmas cards are a great way to start spreading holiday cheer early!

Wrap Gifts


Take time in wrapping your gifts for others this year! I love wrapping and listing to my favorite Christmas songs!

Make a Christmas DIY

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 11.04.26 AM

Online there are several different fun DIY’s for the holidays. I will be doing a ton this year! Stay tuned on the blog for some amazing ideas!

Hang Stockings

Design and hang stockings just for fun! This will give you special cheer for the holidays!


I hope this guide has helped you find out what you want to do this holiday season! Get ready for more amazing Christmas blogs coming soon! Let me know if you will be adding any of these things to your Christmas Bucket List!

Thank you for reading!

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