Christmas Decor 101 ~ Holiday Essentials Guide #cheymas

Happy December!

This is the time to start decking the halls and spreading the Christmas cheer! For starters, decorating is the first step into adding the Christmas spirit to your everyday life! Here are a few of my favorite ideas for decorations and essentials for this season.

Christmas Tree Decorating


Every morning, I wake up to this tree! It is my favorite part about Christmas. Collect all of your favorite things and put them on the tree. This is the part where you can personalize it or make your Pinterest Christmas dreams come true!


I purchase most of my ornaments from Cracker Barrel, Home Goods, Nordstrom Rack, Target, and Disney World! I love taking some of my favorite things and putting them on the tree. I like the clutter-ness of a tree – it is SO pretty to look at and see something different with every time.


I purchased this ornament this year to celebrate all my accomplishments in opening the door to many opportunities this year.

Ornaments That Mean Something To You 


I personally buy ornaments that mean the most to me – that speak to what I love and believe in. I purchased a ton this year! One of my favorite ornaments are my believe and University of Tampa ornaments because of how much I value the meaning of Christmas and my education.


Bath and Body Works Galore! 


Candles that smell like Christmas are essentials and crucial for your Christmas decor this holiday season! My favorite candle at the moment is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – it smells like an actual Christmas Tree!


Also, change out your bathroom soaps to fun Christmas scents! This will add a little Christmas Spice and everything nice to your life!

Reindeer and Snow Globes 


I purchased both from Home Goods! They have such cute decor for the holidays! They have everything you may need for your home for Christmas. This plaid reindeer is everything!


Also, Home Goods has these amazing snow globes for a great cause. By the checkout, there will be several snow globes to help benefit St. Jude’s Children Hospital. 50% of the proceeds of the $14.99 snow globe go to St. Jude’s to help a family in need. I purchase one every year in support of an amazing cause. The holiday season is about giving back – this is a great way to do so!

Sweet Treats


A jar of cookies, a cup of Hershey Kisses, or a bucket of candy canes will be in my room throughout the holidays! I love a sweet midnight snack while I’m binge watching Christmas movies.

Record Player & Christmas Music 


I love listening to Christmas records whenever I am decorating my room or just having a chill day. I will go to my local record stores to find all my favorite Christmas recording artists like Michael Buble and Mariah Carey.

Christmas Countdown 


Counting down to Christmas is part of the decor and tradition in my house! I have this metal sign from Home Goods that is perfect for my wall!

Cozy Winter Blankets 


Winter blankets are an essential for all bedrooms and living rooms this holiday! Find really pretty ones at Home Goods or Target! My Christmas Tree blanket is from Home Goods for only $24.99! It’s great quality and will last for many Christmas’ to come!


Festive Decorative Pillows 


I . Love. Decorative. Pillows. This is my favorite way to add a ton of color to my room for the season. I get most of my pillows from Home Goods and T.J. Maxx. These pillows add the perfect amount of holiday cheer to your room.


Cup of Cheer 


After your whole room is done, you can now have a cup of cheer and enjoy all of your hard work!



I hope this blog gave you the Christmas Cheer you need to start decking the halls! Make sure you are following the blog for more Cheymas blogs!

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