New Year’s Eve Outfit Inspiration

Happy Almost 2018!

This outfit is for sure going to rock your new year! You will be the star of the party. This outfit allowed me to jump out of my comfort zone and try something new. For bringing in the new year, I love to wear something flashy and confident. This outfit is the perfect style to ring in 2018.


For starters, I purchased this whole outfit from Forever 21. Forever 21 Plus has been stepping up their game! I found this grey twisted front crop top from Forever 21. It is one of the softest tops! This is the first crop top I have ever owned and I love it! I was very nervous about the top because I never wear things like this! I stepped out of my comfort zone by trying new things in fashion and I slayed!

Chey Tip: This top is currently on sale at Forever 21! It’s only $11.13! 


I styled my grey sweater top with a burnt orange mini skirt from Forever 21. This skirt is a little light fitting, but is the perfect length for pairing with my black knee high boots from Torrid. This is the perfect style to bring in the new year! You can also pair this skirt with tights in case the weather is chilly.


One of my favorite accessories is my furry vest from Cracker Barrel. I love wearing this white vest with several different looks! It goes with several outfits, so having a basic staple piece like a vest in your wardrobe will be perfect for outfits like this. I chose to add the vest to add an extra flare to the outfit and add more texture.

Chey Tip: Check out Shop Cracker Barrel for cute vests and ponchos for winter fashion! 


As I continue to experiment with different styles of fashion, I challenge you all to do the same! Bring in the new year with one of the best style – confidence! With every outfit you wear, do not forget to have confidence in yourself and and keep striving for the best. That is all it takes to be the best version of yourself. Confidence is the best thing you can wear.


I hope this blog inspired you to dress up and show out for your New Year’s Eve party! I will be on my couch watching the Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve while drinking champagne in a fancy outfit!

I hope you all have an amazing 2018 and I cannot wait for all of the adventures 2018 will bring! Happy New Year!

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