How To Stay Organized For The New Year ~ Organization 101

Happy Friday!

January is all about getting organized and making sure we stay that way throughout the year. This is our time to make sure we plan and are on track for the rest of the year. Here are a few tips on how I stay organized throughout the year.

Minimize Clutter


This is the first step and best way to stay organized. If you take the time to sort through your clutter and get rid of things you don’t grab for or usually need, toss them! My favorite way to stay organized is to deep clean through all of the clutter and minimize the stuff on surfaces. I always use the rule “everything must have a home”.

Make Your Bed


This is a random tip to stay organized, but it works! Whenever I make my first thing in the morning, my mood is instantly better and life feels a bit more put together. Making your bed will give the illusion that the room is complete. (I’m still in Christmas mode)



Using calendars has helped me see an overview of my whole month. This is where I use the most color in my planner! Having a giant calendar can help with many different schedules. On my calendar I write when my bills are due, my class schedule, when I plan on posting blogs, photo shoots, major events locally and plans with friends! This is a great space to plan out your whole month in advance and stay organized.

To Do Lists


Using To Do Lists will help with your daily tasks and duties. I always keep a notebook next to my desk at work and around the house for any small reminders that I don’t take note of on my phone. I believe that if you write it down, you are more likely to complete that task.

Utilizing your Planners 


We all love picking out the prettiest planner at Target or Home Goods, but do you really end up using it? A planner is your best friend when it comes to organization. My trick to use it – take 15 minutes a day to update your planner. Plan out your week – know what to expect during the week and figure out when you will have free time.


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