Winter To Spring Transition Lookbook

Happy Wednesday Fashionistas!

I have two amazing outfits to share with you all! Since we are in the slump of January and it’s a weird time between Christmas and when spring officially starts, wardrobe is for sure in question. These outfits are not only perfect for the colder weather, but perfect statement pieces for your spring wardrobe.

Retro Pink Diner Chic 


One thing I love about spring is the opportunity to wear everything floral. Florals are perfect to brighten up and outfit and make a girly statement. My pink and purple button down dress is from Torrid. This dress also has long sleeves that you are able to roll up in the summer and let down in the winter. The dress is the softest material and light enough to layer up with a jacket or sweater.


I chose to wear a pink jacket from Burlington to bring out the light tones in my dress. Whenever I think of a diner, I think of bright colors and pastels. This pastel pink jacket is the perfect accessory for the winter and chilly spring nights.


To give the dress more shape, I tied a brown belt from Torrid around my waist. A belt is the best way to add more style to your look! Every season you should have a stylish belt.
Here are some cute belts from Torrid.


I added rounded cat eye sunglass from Forever 21 and a red lip for a retro look.


To finish off my look, I style my outfit with light tan knee high boots with tan knee high socks from Torrid. This style is essential for the winter. The color is the perfect shade for the light springy look of the outfit.


Floral Wonderland 


This is going to be a big trend in spring 2018. Off the shoulder tops were a huge trend in 2017. This is carrying on through 2018 with off the shoulder dresses! This strapless off the shoulder dress from Torrid is perfect for the spring and an upcoming valentine’s day outfit! The florals are beautiful and colorful! The sleeves of this dress are belled, a fashion trend that is not going out of style!


Since florals are a trend for spring, I love transitioning patterns with solid colors. A little pop of color can never hurt anyone’s wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to take a chance with patterns and textures this winter to spring!


Since it still is a little chilly out and to incorporate more winter style to a spring outfit, I styled the dress with brown sweater knee high boots. These boots are the most comfortable and warm boots I have ever worn. If you have a bigger calf like me, it is typically difficult to find knee high boots. Torrid is where I found these amazing boots! These boots have an amazing knit sweater design on the back along with a bronzy gold buckle to add extra style. I added my tan knee high socks for a pop of texture and extra warmth during this cold snap in Florida!


Since it has been a little bit colder than normal in Florida and technically spring has not arrived yet, a jacket is a must. I found this leather jacket at Torrid in the shade Rose Gold Metallic! I love the style of this fashion jacket. Underneath the sides of the arms of the moto style jacket is a soft sweater like material! This keeps you nice and warm compared to other leather jacket. This is a very practical jacket and stylish too! Perfect to spring forward in!


Style Tip: The best way to pair a jacket with an outfit is to find a small amount of a certain color in the dress or whatever piece you are wearing and find a jacket that color. I chose to pair this dress with a pink jacket because this dress a subtle hints of light pink.

DSCN1825 (1)DSCN1826

I hope this blog helped encourage your winter to spring outfits! Step out of your comfort zone and try new styles, new things and slay the whole way!

Make sure to check out Torrid for these amazing outfits! I have officially been featured on their #thesecurves page! I am so grateful and happy that some of these pictures have made it to the big website! Make sure to go find me there!

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