Fun and Flirty Date Night Outfit Inspiration – #springwithchey

Spring Break is fast approaching and there are plenty of chilly nights and fun things to do. I have the perfect outfit if you are planning on going on a fun date! This outfit is perfect to do mini golf or go to a beachy restaurant!


This outfit is perfect for a night out! My purple turtle neck long sleeve top is from Forever 21 and it is tucked into flowy patterned shorts from Bealls. I love tucking in tops into flowy shorts. This is one way to add a ton of confidence to your look and wardrobe. This shows that your not afraid to cover up and stand tall!


I love the deep purples and blues in the outfit. These are typically colors that I wouldn’t mix together, but I felt like being bold and fun! Outfits are meant to make you feel great and comfortable. Try different patterns that you normally wouldn’t wear and you’ll be surprised with how much you’ll like it!


Since spring time is close by, flowy shorts are a must for this season. Try purchasing flowy shorts with patterns – this is a life hack for all plus size women. Printed patterned like this are sliming! Flowy shorts are meant to enhance your curves and make you feel confident! I paired the outfit with a hint of pink in my wedged heels from Charolette Russe.


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