Little Mermaid Inspired OOTD

I recently went to Disney and my outfit was inspired by Ariel from The Little Mermaid! I had the perfect colors in my closet and had to wear them! This is one of my favorite Disney bounds.


I found the perfect purple tank top from Ross that is perfect for the warmer weather in Florida. This is the perfect color top for Ariel. I love this Disney princess, so when I bought this top, I instantly knew that I would do a Disney Bound. My teal blue shorts are from Torrid from last season. Torrid still makes these style shorts, perfect for the upcoming warmer months! Here’s their shorts selections! Both of these colors pop for the spring time, making them perfectly wearable throughout the park and outside of the park.

Chey Tip: A Disney Bound is when you dress in normal clothes as your favorite Disney character! 


The most important part of this outfit is the headwear! Yes, I need red hair, but the next best thing is this new Disney Parks Mermaid hat! When I saw this hat in Fantasyland, I bought it so fast. This hat is perfect for the look with the blue background and purple writing with the fish gill details. You can purchase this only at Disney World!


These pictures are pre mermaid hat. (Still very cute).


Want to know where to get this treat? Check out my Top 5 Disney Treats blog


My accessories for that day was one of my favorite bags I’ve ever purchased – Minnie Mouse Cross Body Bag by Loungefly from Box Lunch! This is the perfect bag to bring to the parks if you are there on a really crowded or a hot day.


I hope you guys are inspired the next time you go to the parks! Dress like your favorite Disney Princess in style without the costume!

Make sure you are watching my YouTube account! Soon I will be posting a new video – all about spring!

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