5 Study Tips To Help You with Final Exams

Exams are right around the corner, so here are a few tips I am living by for this upcoming week.

1.Take 15 Minute Breaks

This is a tip that I use a lot! When I am studying, I set timers for 30 minutes, I’ll stop when it goes off, set another one for 15 minutes, relax and go. This is super helpful when I have a lot of studying to do.


2.Make a Checklist

Making a checklist will help you organize all of your classes and what you will need to finish. This comes in handy when I am stressing last minute. This gives my mind clarity to focus on what subject I have to study for.


3.Study Areas Are Key

Study areas are very important when it comes to studying. I typically will go to Starbucks and study there. If I don’t go to Starbucks, I’ll make sure that my desk is cleared to fully commit to studying at home. Having an area where you are able to just sit down and focus are most important when it comes to exam time.


4.Eat Breakfast Day of Exam

We all have heard the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Eat a big breakfast on the day of the exam to keep you going. Depending on when your exam is, make sure that you are fed so you can focus on your exam.

5.Create Study Guides or Flash Cards

I love creating study guides for a class. If there is a review, I will tend to type up a document to study easily. If it is definitions for a class, I will make a set an of a few and anything that I may be unaware of.

I hope these tips are helpful for your exams this week! Good Luck and stay positive! Summer is around the corner!

New blogs are coming soon! I promise! With my study schedule, it’s been a little crazy. I will be back on track this week! Get ready!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore 


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