How To Love Yourself – A Guide To Confidence

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I took a poll on my Instagram and asked if you guys wanted to see some of my favorite tips on confidence. I am going to share my go-to tips and advice on confidence.



1. You will have your days where you don’t feel beautiful. 


Out of the 30 or 31 days in a month, you may have 2-3 days where you don’t feel confident and that is OKAY! You don’t have to be happy all the time to be confident. There are times where I have my days where I’m really upset about my body and I’ll just tell myself if I want to change I can change.

2. Don’t change yourself for anyone but you. 


There are times where social media or the people around us may influence the way we feel about our selves.  Don’t change because you want to look like a model. Don’t change to impress the boy that isn’t paying attention to you. Don’t change because your friend tells you to stop eating Taco Bell because you’re gaining weight. Eat what you want and live how you want because it is your life and you only have one chance.

For example, I have recently been trying to eat healthier because I know I need to get into shape. I am not changing for anyone but me. That is after I feel 100% confident about my decision and ready to make a difference in my life.

3. Staying Positive 


Positivity is key to loving yourself. It is sometimes hard to push aside those negative feels. I have been there many times! One way I push through to love myself is embracing those things that makeup who I am.

For example, when I was in middle school, I was weak and negative. I did not believe in myself one bit. Something that took me out of my depression when I was younger was my passion for singing. I found that I loved to sing because I believed I didn’t have a voice. I used my singing voice to help me become positive. I used music as a healing power and it worked. Music will always be a passion of mine. I recommend finding something that makes you smile like music did for me and use that as an aid to loving yourself.

4. Mirror Talk 


Stand in front of your mirror and everyday pick out 5 things you love about yourself. This is a strategy of mine that I will use if I am ever thinking negative thoughts or want to feel better about myself. This helps motivate me into a positive outlook for my day.

Chey Tip: I typically have motivational wall art around my room and I will read it if I ever need inspiration. 

5. Embrace Your Differences 

When I was younger, I stood out in middle school because I was the plus size girl. I was the only girl with long black hair and “thunder thighs”. I would tell myself things will get better and I am not changing myself because one person told me to put down the sandwich. I am going to EAT the sandwich and continue to live my life.

Embrace your thighs, your curves, your hair, your fashion, your makeup – if it brings you happiness then why change?


6. There’s no formula on how to love yourself. 

This is something I always tell people when they ask me how I’ve become so confident. And the answer is I have NO clue. I don’t know how I became this way sometimes. I think it got to a point where you don’t want to be negative towards yourself anymore. You want to do things for you that make you happy.

7. Keep Moving Forward – Just Keep Swimming


When I was younger, I had several self-confidence issues. I never stood up for myself. I always doubted myself and never believed that I was beautiful. I would make several excuses for myself as to why I shouldn’t love myself.

The biggest advice I can give anyone is to keep moving forward. Being your true self is the best way to finding self-confidence and love for yourself.  When things get hard, just remember that you are capable of accomplishing the impossible. You can do anything that you set your mind to, even if that means loving who you are.

Dory was smart, just keep swimming no matter what life will throw at you-you are beautiful, strong, and amazing.


I hope you are able to take away a few things about confidence from my journey. I really enjoyed writing this blog! Let me know what your favorite advice was in the comments below!

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Cheyenne Lenore 






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