How To Stay Productive – Summer Life Hack

Happy Thursday!

In honor of it being Thursday, the most difficult day because we are all so close to Friday, I have a few tips for you to have a productive day! These are some tips fit for a Girl Boss! If you want some motivation and inspiration, keep on reading!


To Do List

I love keeping to-do lists. If you are have been a blog reader of mine for a while, you know that my secret to organization and life is utilizing a to-do list. I always hate having things in my head and possibly forget. These can be simple reminders on your phone or on a sticky note.


One way I love staying on task is utilizing timers. One trick of mine is I will set a 10-minute timer to clean my whole room. I try to beat the clock before it goes off. It’s like the 10 second tidy, but for adults. Another example of why I like to use timers is to focus on one topic or thing at a time.

Plan Out Your Day In Advance 

Another way for you to stay productive to plan out your day in advance. If you know you are going to have a busy day the next day, try using a digital calendar to organize any meetings, appointments or important tasks. This also ties in with my next tip!

Setting Up Times/Alarms For Specific Tasks

To help you not be late for your meeting, set a reminder on your phone or an alarm. This can help you organize your day! For example, I like using an alarm to remind me at 3:00pm it’s time to leave work. I also like setting reminders to drink water through apps on my phone to remind me to stay hydrated.

Waking Up Early

On the weekends, I feel most productive. Want to know the reason why? I wake up early. Typically during the week, it is hard for me to wake up early as the days drag on; but I enjoy sitting on my couch in my robe, turning on my Google Home and sipping on coffee while scrolling through my phone. This is the perfect me time! The earlier you wake up, the more time you have in your day to do all the tasks you need to accomplish.

Make Your Bed

This is a hard task, but it is such a clean and rewarding feeling! When you make your bed, you are less likely to go back to sleep. This will help you remain productive! It’s a proven fact that if you make your bed, you will have a better sense of accomplishment! Your room will instantly feel like it is more organized.

Dress To Impress For YOU! 

One way I stay productive is by dressing up. I do this a lot either if I’m at work or staying at home and blogging. If I am blogging, I will typically make sure I am at my desk, not wearing PJ’s to help me get along with my day. I’ve always said if you dress good, you feel good. If you are comfortable in your outfit, that should be enough to help you get ready and accomplish your day!

Setting Deadlines

Deadlines are super important if you are trying to stay productive. If you want to make sure you stay on task, setting dates to complete different tasks will help you stay on track and productive!

Take Time For Yourself! 

If you take time for yourself, such as taking the early morning to catch up on social media or do whatever makes you happy, you will be able to have a more effective and successful day! Don’t forget to take care of yourself even if you have busy days.


I hope these tips helped you stay productive this summer! I have been using these tips a lot lately and they have been working! Let me know if you enjoyed this blog in the comments!

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Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore 




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