Summer Beach Bag Essentials & Must Have Swimsuit of the Year

Beach Anyone?

If you are planning on going to the beach soon, have no fear, I have the essentials that you need to bring in your beach bag! There is a little bit of summer left until fall starts, so the beach is where will be until August!


My beach bag is from Home Goods! This bag was only $7.99! This is perfect if you are wanting to bring a beach towel, beach mat to lay on, and all of these essentials! I aso love the flamingos on this bag! They are the cutest and the perfect colors to bring a vibrant, fun beach vibe!




I always love bringing an extra pair of sandals in case as I’m walking my shoes break, or I end up walking near the water or the shell parts of the sand. I’ll bring a pair that is a little bit worn and that I don’t care about just in case they get ruined. I usually bring summer themed sandals like the pineapple ones I have on the right! They are super cute and look adorable with any swimsuit!

Hair Ties


I am in love with this hair tie from Forever 21! If you have long hair like me, you need a hair tie with all of the winds from the ocean or the gulf. Whenever I am at the beach, I try to keep my hair up and out of the way. This helps so much and is perfect for summer!



This is the most important essential! Make sure you bring sunscreen and actually wear it! There are have been times where I thought that because it was overcast that I didn’t need to wear sunscreen. I was WRONG! I was a little red, but then it turned into a tan. I suggest that you wear sunscreen the whole time you are on the beach. I like to also add tanning oil sometimes to get that sun-kissed look! Just as long as you have some sort of sun protection will help you in the long run against any skin problems.

Chey Hack: Wear SPF in your foundation and/or moisturizer so your face will always be protected from the sun! 

Also, if you have floppy hats or baseball hats, wear those to protect your face from the sun! Since there are so many cute floppy hats, you can do this in style and benefiting your health!



Drinking water is super important when you are out in the sun and just in life period! I always will bring a water bottle that I keep in the freezer overnight to the beach with me so it stays nice and cold.

Relaxing and Destressing 


Whenever I go to the beach I tend to want to de-stress and let go of any problems that I may have on my mind. One way I like to relax is by disconnecting from my phone for a little while. I won’t really look at the time on my phone. I may Snapchat a little, but I won’t care about scrolling through my phone because I am there to relax. I like to bring things that I normally don’t do, like playing cards. I typically will write in a notebook about any ideas if I go to the beach by myself.

Change of Clothes  


The beach I typically go to is Reddington Beach in Florida. This beach is typically quite and I love that it is so simple. Surrounding this beach on the strip there are several places to go eat and shop. After a few hours at the beach, my ideal beach getaway consists of going to Candy Kitchen and Beach Pizza. I will bring a fun romper or sundress with me to slip on just in case I go on a fun adventure outside of the beach!


My Swim Suit Of The Year 


Since I live in Florida, I buy a lot of swimsuits, but nothing like this one! I am obsessed and forever in LOVE with this swimsuit from Torrid. This swimsuit is the perfect shade of yellow with pink and green flowers. Not only does this swimsuit have ruffles around the waist and on the top, but has the prettiest fit! I believe a swimsuit like this is flattering for any body type! One piece swimsuits sometimes cover a lot, but this one covers, yet accentuate the curves!


This swimsuit from Torrid is perfect if you are wanting to feel confident and comfortable while you are swimming or at the beach. A one-piece swimsuit is essential for my beach trip! With the vibrant color of yellow, this is perfect for a fun day in the sun!


I find that with Torrid’s swimsuits, they understand plus size women and understand that comfort and security is key to being confident in a swimsuit. My tips for buy swimsuits or wearing them on the beach is to just be yourself and not to worry about what people may think. If I cared what people thought of my thighs, I would be wearing pants every day and to the beach. Do not worry about the opinions of the peanut gallery. The only person that needs to be comfortable and okay with their swimsuit is YOU. The summer is the time to relax and enjoy your time on the beach! Find a swimsuit that makes you feel confident and makes you love you!


I hope you enjoyed this blog and you add some things to your beach bag the next time you soak up the sun!

Question of the day: What is your summer beach bag essential? Let me know in the comments below!

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Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore 



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