The PSL Is Back – It’s offically fall.

Happy Tuesday and PSL DAY!


Today, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is officially at your local Starbucks. This blog is not just about the Pumpkin Spice Latte, but it is my top ten favorite things about fall and what I look forward to for this year’s season!


I love my coffee, but add pumpkin spice and everything nice! There is just something about the taste that reminds me of all the coziness of fall!


Fall Decor At Disney

Everything about Mickey Shaped Pumpkins gives me so much joy! I love looking at the pumpkins down Main Street leading up to Cinderella’s Castle. It’s classic!


Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

This is one thing I look forward to going to for fall! This is the Disney party that Magic Kingdom hold on the weekends from 7pm to park close. This is where you can taste exclusive treats and see different parades that normally don’t happen in the parks. I’m very excited and I have full intentions on Disney Bounding as Belle so look out for that blog!

Taylor Swift’s Red Album

This album reminds me of fall! It is one of her best albums and I find myself always listening to it straight threw during the fall months. My favorite quote from All To Well is “autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place”.


Pumpkin Carvings & Seeds

Hand me a pumpkin craving knife and a cute cutout design and I’m ready to start craving pumpkins! Baking the seeds of the pumpkin is one of my favorite snacks to eat during the fall months.


My Birthday

This is why I love fall so much! Not only the warmth and coziness of the season, but it’s my birthday season! I’m a fall baby! I was born on October 19th!


Pumpkin Patches

If I’m driving down the street and I see a pumpkin patch, I have to pull over and look. I get like a little kid in the candy store and I get so excited and happy when I see pumpkins, especially when there’s hundreds of them! It’s rare to see them in Florida, so even someone selling pumpkins on the side of the road in a gas station parking lot makes me happy.


Plaid is THE pattern for fall. If you don’t have plaid in your wardrobe, consider purchasing some plaid shirts, pair it with some jeans and BAM – your fall-ified.


The weather to finally go down to the 70’s.

The best part about fall is being able to walk down Main Street in Magic Kingdom in a light sweater with a slight breeze! In Florida, it’s a miracle if the weather is in the 70’s, but when it is magic happens.


Burnt Orange and Burgundy everything.

These are the classic colors! These are the colors I’ll be rocking when fall rolls around for real and It’s not 90 degrees outside.


That is it for this blog today! I hope you guys enjoyed! Go grab a pumpkin spice latte right now! What are you favorite things about fall? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

Until next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore 


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