Favorite Things To Do at Walt Disney World During the Holiday Season


I wanted to start off this month by celebrating the one and only Mickey Mouse! I know the fall decor is gone and Christmas is officially in the parks! I cannot wait to go see the new decor. I wanted to share with you guys my four favorite things to do at Walt Disney World that isn’t just riding rides or visiting the character meet and greets. If you are a Disney fan like me, over the past couple of years I’ve found some fun things to do that make my Disney experience so magical every time!

Pin Trading 


Pin trading has been one of my favorite activities recently! I love the idea of reaching out the cast members and trading with them! It’s a fun way to jump out of your comfort zone and find a new hobby/activity to do! If you want to see my pin trading vlogs, check out my playlist here!

Resort Hopping 

I love going to the resorts during the holiday season! It’s so much fun to see all the different decor! I love taking the monorail around different resort hotels and checking out the view! This holiday season I will be making a pit stop in all the resorts of the monorail for holiday cheer, especially the Grand Floridian!

Food and Wine & All EPCOT Festivals 


I love the festival season during the holidays! The International Food and Wine Festival is something I look forward to every year! Look out for a blog coming soon with my recaps on the amazing food this season! Starting in the new year, The Festival of the Arts is coming back to EPCOT and I cannot wait!


Firework Shows

If you don’t see the firework shows at the end of the night at the parks, you are missing out! These shows are SO magical. During the holidays they will have a ceremony lighting the castle every night – it is a beautiful sight to see! I love watching the lights and fireworks while reflecting on my love for Disney! If you haven’t seen my favorite firework show, or don’t have a Disney pass, click here to watch Happily Ever After from the Magic Kingdom! I am currently listening to it while I am writing this blog! A little inspiration, motivation, happiness, and magic for your day!


I hope you enjoyed this blog! I am in the transition of bringing things from fall to Christmas content! I have a lot of things planned for this season. Make sure you are following!

Click here to watch my newest YouTube video – my birthday weekend at Disney!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore 



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