A Pizza Planet Christmas! Hollywood Studios OOTD

OOOOOO THE BLOG! STRANGERS FROM OUTSIDE! If you could not tell by now, I have the CUTEST blog for anyone who loves Toy Story as much as me. Recently, I went to Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World on a mission to get this Toy Story Alien popcorn bucket. This is the best combination of two of my favorite things – the Toy Story Alien and Christmas!


The little green alien is dressed as Santa from Christmas in Hollywood with a pretty red and green lanyard attached! I waited for 20 minutes in line for this bucket! If you want to see my vlog where I show you around Hollywood Studios that day, click here!


My whole outfit was inspired by Pizza Planet and Buzz Lightyear! I really wanted to wear my Pizza Planet shirt from Box Lunch to honor the day that I got this popcorn bucket! It’s currently on sale on the box lunch website! This is a shirt I have been waiting to wear! I love that the shirt is bright red and white – perfect for the holidays.

I figured the only skirt that I would tuck the shirt into would be my green army color mini skirt from Charlotte Russe. The skirt is currently $14.99 – an amazing deal! This Pizza Planet inspired outfit is less than $50! I styled the rest of the outfit with my Lilian and Co bracelet that says “To Infinity and Beyond” and my Toy Story Alien Vans. Click here to see all the Toy Story Vans on Poshmark!


I accessorized my Pizza Planet look with the one and only “Buzz Lightyear Inspired Ears!” These are my own ears! I made them for the opening of Toy Story Land. I currently am selling my own Disney inspired ears! These are for sale! If you want to check them out, click here! I love having a big purple bow in the middle and the iconic green and white color on the ears! It was a must-have accessory for my alien bucket extravaganza!


OOOOOOOOOOO! I hope you enjoyed this blog! Leave a comment below if you’d be interested in purchasing these ears!

Let me know if you want to see another Toy Story inspired outfit below! I hope this blog helped you get into the holiday spirit! Did you see the dinosaur in Echo Lake is wearing a Santa hat? Comment “DINO” if you do!

To Infinity and Beyond,

Cheyenne Lenore 


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