Girl Boss Guide for a Successful 2019

Ever wonder what you need to be successful this year? Let’s start out by saying YOU are the most important piece to having a successful year. You create your own destiny. I going to give you a list of things I love to incorporate into my daily routine that help me become a successful girl boss for 2019!

Office Space: Declutter, Organize and Decorate!

The best way for you to have a fresh start in 2019 is creating a space for you to work on your future plans! This space can be as creative as you would like it to be. I love having a nice clean space with notebooks and fun desk accessories to help inspire me.

Throughout my desk space, I utilize motivational decor to help me stay positive and on track! Looking up at the motivational quotes on my walls, name plates and signs around my desk help me continue to keep moving forward on my plans and goals!

Journaling: Grab A Notebook and Pens!

One way to keep all my thoughts on the same page is literally by writing my goals and plans down. I’ve heard from multiple outlets that if you write you goals and plans down, it’s more likely to come true. This is a great way to take the ideas from your brain on to old fashion pen and paper. I am currently writing in my favorite Mickey Mouse Journal all my plans for 2019!

Planners: Organize By The Months, Weeks, or Days With Colorful Additions!

I love utilizing a planner has helped me stay super organized whenever I feel like I am not on track. I’ve been using a planner to plan bills, Planners can also be like mini journals to show all the fun things you’ve done throughout the year. I like to decorate mine with fun stickers and use colorful pens to add pops of color to the planner.

Time Management: Scheduling More of What You Love

It’s super important to make time for the things you need to get done! I use my planner to schedule the times I use for editing, uploading, posting and more. This has recently helped me since I have a ton of time on my hands since I am done with college. Try breaking up your day into sections by the hour and plan what you do in a day! This is what helps me the most when I want to stay productive.

Taking a Break For Yourself!

Whether you are taking a break for a couple of minutes or just sitting back to drink a cup of coffee, it’s important that you take the time for you. Remember to breath and time apart for you to reflect and get motivated!

Staying Motivated: Don’t Forget Why You Are Doing What You Are Doing

Whenever I open my blog, I am reminded of the reason I do what I am doing. Don’t forget why you are going towards any goal! Whether it’s long nights staying up writing, editing, planning out your next move as a girl boss, it’s all hard work that will pay off.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Inspiration

I often will read books or quotes that inspire me to keep me always dreaming, goal planning and motivated. The book #Girlboss by the owner of Nasty Gal is a very inspirational book! I’m currently still reading it, but I cannot put the book down. Things like this keep me going and stay inspired for my goals.

I keep simple reminders around my desk area to keep me motivated. I recently framed my favorite picture from graduation. This picture really reminds me of everything I’ve worked for and the happiness I have with everything I’ve accomplished. I keep some of my favorite things near my desk – Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie. This is the character that started it all! He is the original mouse; he’s the inspiration that started an even bigger dream.

I hope this blog gave you the best Girl Boss Inspiration today! 2019 is starting off to a great start – keep the goals and motivation going because you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore


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