5 Things You Need To Declutter In Your Space Right Now!

I have recently been decluttering so much in my room and around the house! I have been inspired by the new Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I have been loving her series which has brought me to the realization that I have too many things and need to declutter! I wanted to make a fun list of things that are easy to go through that will bring you peace to your mind and make you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot in just a short period of time!


Paper is something that just piles up and makes spaces look super cluttered. I typically am stuffing paper into drawers or small boxes on my desk. To help the clutter, find a system that will best fit your organization needs! Try switching to electronic statements or going through your piles of mail once they come in. Instead of me putting all the papers into one spot. I’m organizing them into categories of trash and keep!


Once you start buying more hangers, that’s a sign that you have way too many clothes! Try using the Koni Mari Method when going through your clothes. The first step is to pull out all of your clothes from your closet, dresser, and any bins and put them into one big pile. Then, you pick up each item and hold it. Figure out if that item brings you happiness or sparks joy. If it does, keep it! If not, thank the item and pass it on!

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Purse Clutter

We all have a messy purse – I know I for sure do! Get rid of the gum wrappers, put all the lip glosses in a makeup bag, put your loose change in a piggy bank and boom! You’ve successfully cleared out your purse! This is such a nice feeling when you have a clean purse when you are looking for something.

Expired Make Up

I love makeup, but what I do most of the time – use expired makeup! This is not good for your skin nor good for your pores! If you declutter the makeup that has been in your vanity for over a year – toss it and let it go! Your face is more valuable than risking it by using old makeup! This will make way for all the new makeup products you’ll buy in the future! Out with the old and in with the new!

Accessories and Shoes

These are important parts to an outfit, but if you aren’t wearing them – toss it! I typically reach for some of the same bracelets and rings, so I’ve purged a majority of my collection!

Poshmark is also a good app for selling your accessories and shoes! This is a great way to give your items to a new home and your room will be less cluttered!

Over the past couple of weeks as I was decluttering my room, I realized that I have a lot of things that I never wore, didn’t really care to have or just didn’t have a purpose. I found myself letting go of a lot of sentimental clothing pieces such as my pink coat. That was an item that I loved so much, but it no longer serves me no purpose other than hanging on a hanger. I am ready for it to go to a new home!

I hope you all enjoyed my mini declutter tips blog! I hope this has inspired you to start decluttering a spot in your home or room that you have been needing to go through.

If you want help with any cleaning motivation, I just posted a new video – Clean With Me! I love watching these videos because they help motivate me while I’m cleaning!

Have a magical Tuesday!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore


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