It’s Cheetahlicious! – 2000’s Inspired OOTD

We’re Cheetah Girls – Cheetah Sisters! Anyone get that reference? Okay – just me.

I have been loving the cheetah print that has been in stores recently! On Last Sunday morning I decided to to pair this outfit together giving me all the 2000’s vibes!

Denim on denim is typically a look I never do, but I loved this. My denim skirt is from Charlotte Russe. This skirt is very soft and stretchy for a denim skirt. I have been looking forever for a skirt like this! I paired the skirt with my favorite cropped denim jacket from Old Navy.

I loved jumping out of my comfort zone with the denim. This skirt is something I have been looking for with the right amount of stretch, but it fits directly to my curves. I have been self-conscious with my tummy in the past, but recently, I’ve been embracing the fact that I want to wear what I want to! This allowed me to just enjoy my look and not worry about what my mind was thinking – just listening to what my heart wanted to wear!

This whole look is centered around my favorite piece – my cheetah/leopard print shirt from Torrid. This shirt is perfect if you want to dress up or down a look. I tucked in the front part of the shirt since it is a very flowy shirt. I loved styling this with denim so the focal point is the cheetah print shirt.

You can currently get this same top for Less than $16.00 online right now! It’s the cutest top! If you want to see my reaction to try on this top for the first time, click here to see my Torrid Dressing Room Try On video!

I styled the look with my favorite yellow shoes for a pop of color! I love having the option to bring pops of color into my wardrobe! It’s a super fun way to light up your day! For an extra added throwback style, I threw on a pair of white sunnies to tie the look together.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog! I have been absolutely obsessed with denim recently. Let me know if you want to see any more looks with denim!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore


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