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Happy Saturday Travelers!

I am currently in the sky writing this blog on the way to Vegas! This is just super cool and I have never posted a blog thousands of feet in the air so here we go!

I had to share with you my ultimate travel hacks that I use every time I get on a plane! I use these tips during my trip to the airport or on the flight. These tips are what I live by for my comfort and happiness on the plane!

Comfortable Clothing

I always will wear a dress or something like a romper or shorts on the flight. Whatever I feel most comfortable in is what I choose to wear. A flight to Vegas is 5 hours from Tampa – I want to be the coziest and most comfortable.

Seat Belt Extension

This is something I never knew existed. As a plus size girl, it was always hard for me to get into the pre-measured seat belt on the seat of the plane. I wasn’t until I did research on Southwest’s website that I found out they have a seat belt extenders! As all planes do! It has changed my plane going experience from a stressful to an amazing one. I used to get so anxious if I could fit into the seat – now I know that they accommodate me for my comfort.

All you have to do is ask the flight attendant if you can have a seat belt extension and they will give you one very discreetly! You will have a comfortable, worry-free flight the whole way to your destination!

Bring Things To Do

Just like right now – 4 hours down until I land in Vegas and I wanted to blog! It gives me something to do on a flight that is very long. Bringing a book, your planner, laptop or iPad – catch up on your favorite shows – anything to keep you busy on a long flight!

Booking An Early Flight

This allows you to have more time at your destination! The more time you have to travel around on your vacation the better! This is something I typically do often to have more time in the city!

Ask for Snacks!

Okay, I’m a snack connoisseur! I packed a whole suitcase just of snacks for my trip this time around! Typically on the flights they will give you all the snacks – I don’t usually eat them – I save them for mini pick me ups throughout my trip!

Plus Size Seating Arrangements

This happened last year around this time. I was traveling from Vegas to Tampa and the Southwest Employee asked “do I fit comfortably on the plane”. At first, I was taken off guard and didn’t know wether to be happy or offended. It ended up being the BEST thing to happen. This allowed me to pre-board and have no one sitting next to me on the flight.

If you are plus size, this travel hack may or may not work – it has never worked in TPA, but has worked in New York (LGA) and Vegas (LAS)! Ask the front desk at your gate if the plane is full – if not, ask if you can have a second seat! This works if you are flying Southwest.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and find it helpful for your next travel destination!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore


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