Checking Up On Your Goals | Changing My Goals Mid-Year.

2019 has been a roller coaster of a year and there’s been a large amount of growth since I last posted my 19 Goals for 2019. My goals were what I wanted to accomplish or make adventures out of. When I look back at my goals, most of them are unattainable, and that’s OKAY! Most of the time I would be hard on myself for not “completing all my goals”. This year, it’s different.

Here’s my new goals for 2019.

  1. Live more positivity. 
    1. I recently went to a conference that really has changed my perspective on my mental health. I now ask myself what three things went right or well today. Then I ask myself what d o I look forward to tomorrow. I will ask myself this when I leave work and when I go to bed. I have been keep journals everywhere! I leave one at my desk and one on my nightstand. This is super important to me, so I’ve made a vow to do this every day and be intentional with my thoughts. 
  2. Making Time For ME
    1. Recently I have been giving it my all to everything but me. I have been working hard, but not ever doing what I want to do. There is nothing wrong with doing what you need to do such as going to work or cleaning your room, but I want to have the time to go explore Disney again and 
    2. Making time for me requires me to lose money. That’s just the sad fact about it! I work 6 days a week and have one day to myself. I look forward to that day, 
  3. Working Everyday To My Goal. 
    1. There is something I’ve been working on since I was 20 years old. The idea of being an entrepreneur. I told myself one hour. Work everyday for one hour towards my goal. Block my time and make the most of it. 
  4. Event Planning. 
    1. This was a goal on my list starting in January. I had this feeling that I would be able to accomplish everything I need to start my business. Watch and see, because this is a goal that I am the most passionate, confident and determined about!
  1. Cutting Out The Negative People.
    1. I’m telling this to EVERYONE. Do not have people in your life that tell you that you aren’t good enough or that you can’t do something. I’ve had people in my life that told me that I would never be good enough to be a singer or that I need to have credibility for my passion. Realizing that the people that were in my life telling me those things to cause me pain and hurt were there to bring me down. Cut ties with the people that have been doing this to you and you’ll feel a million times better! 
  2. Traveling To Cuba or Different City 
    1. This is something that may be a little too far fetched, but I am determined to travel somewhere new before the year ends. 
  3. Focusing On One Thing. 
    1. I am notorious for having so many ideas. Last year I wanted to start my craft business, a styling company, and my event planning. I’ve realized that I just need to focus on the one thing that brings me the most happiness. I love crafting, but it’s never going to be a business – and I’m totally okay with it. It’s the fact that I needed to evaluate my talents and skills. After doing so, I realized that I wanted to do a lot of things, but I needed to focus on one thing – my business. 
  1. Spending Time With The People I Care About
    1. This year I’ve received a lot of news about family members and just my personal life and I want to take more time with the people the I truly value in my life. Pick up the phone and call those that are far away.  Text everyone that I care about more often and reach out to my loved ones.
  2. Having a Healthier Lifestyle/Committing To It.
    1. This was on my last goals, but I want to start making small changes to help me stay motivated. For example, I have been wanting to eat healthier and making small changes. I have to start doing something before I hit my 30’s. I love being plus size and I don’t want to change because I love who I am, but for my health – I know I need to do something. 
  3. Making Shit Happen
    1. This is my final goal for the rest of this year. All I want to do is make my dreams into a reality. For the past couple of years, my quote that I lived by was “All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” Now August 2019, my new quote to live by is “The way to get started is to stop talking and start doing.” All said by the famous Walt Disney himself. I have been inspired by Walt for several years now with every goal or dream I’ve wanted to create. This time, I’m sick of “talking” about my dreams – I want to make then actually come true. It’s always been a dream of mine to have my own company. It’s time to put in the work, and keep moving forward to the end goal. 

I hope the goals inspired you to look back at your goals for the year and see what you’ve accomplished so far this year! I am determined to make things happen and finish 2019 strong!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore


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