Styling Items I Hate: Jump Suits – My Fashion Fear.

When I look at jumpsuits, my immediate reaction is “that is not for me” and “I can’t wear those”. I never gave the clothing item a chance because I genuinely hated them because I knew my body shape would not work out. Everything always looked “not curvy friendly” or “it’s going to show every roll and more”. That’s what I kept telling myself to make me afraid of trying on jumpsuits.

So, I decided to purchase a ton of jumpsuits. Not just 1 or 2 – SEVERAL. I wanted to see which ones would make me feel confident and the best or ones that I would be returning if they didn’t fit right. Ended up never returning anything and let me tell you why…

This cheetah jumpsuit is from Torrid. This jumpsuit is super roomy and I felt the most confident in! I wasn’t expecting to wear this ever to a Disney Park, but when I saw it, I had such a vision for it at Animal Kingdom. I never have worn a jumpsuit in public let alone a Disney Park without a shaper, and this was the day I gave up worrying about my shape, and just rocked it without anything holding me back!

This was a true jump out of my comfort zone. I loved the pattern so much that the outfit was fun for me. I never thought I’d have this much fun in a jumpsuit. I felt like I had the most confidence to rule the world! (Disney World at the most). It was an amazing feeling to be in something that was comfortable and effortless!

This plaid yellow and white jumpsuit from Old Navy gave me doubt and brought down the confidence. I was feeling good in the moment when I found this old car in Downtown Lakeland, but the jumpsuit was tight around my stomach. I still rocked it regardless of the tightness. There wasn’t as much room as the torrid cheetah one. The pockets had started to stretch and show the lining, which is never a good thing.

I really felt good in that moment with the car, the pattern is just super different and I thought it would feel better once it was worn in a little bit. Since wearing this outfit for pictures, I haven’t reached for this jumpsuit. As a matter a fact, I thought it would be perfect for a Sheriff Woody Disney Bound from Toy Story. I never saw myself wearing it outside of a Disney Bound, so I don’t know if it’s something I’ll keep forever.

Am I keeping the yellow plaid? Absolutely, but it may end up on Poshmark soon. I think I will size up next time I go to Old Navy in Jump Suit. I am wearing a XXL in the pictures. Old Navy has amazing quality! I have a Navy Polka Dot Jumpsuit I wore recently, and I was totally in love and WAY more confident than this look. I think it really has to do with the pattern on this one! (I do love these pictures though).

GIRL BOSS ALERT! This jumpsuit from Torrid SOLD me. When I put this one on, I felt like I needed to make a meeting with someone important. I really like the pattern of the black and white gingham. It’s a pattern that I have always loved since I was a kid. If they made a blue and white one, I would totally do a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz Look.

I actually had fun with this look. When I think about how good I felt in this jumpsuit, it almost makes me emotional because of the fact that this clothing item gave me such fashion fears. When I tell you I really felt comfortable – I did. I was happy that I gave it a try without a care and enjoyed it.

I went bold with my bag choice because I felt bold on the inside! I think it’s the best when you can reflect what your feeling on the inside about yourself and represent it on the outside.

It has pockets. Who would want anything more?! I styled my outfit with black heels. I haven’t brought out these heels since my UT Graduation. These shoes mean business and getting the job done to me! It’s the perfect way to tie everything together for the ultimate Girl Boss look.

Also, Florida is hot and by the end of this shoot my hair was up in a messy bun.

This look is the look that changed everything. I hate to be dramatic but, it genuinely was. This blue and white striped jumpsuit from torrid was the first jumpsuit I tried on – EVER. When I tell you I cried, I truly did. You can check it out on my Youtube Channel here, it actually happened. I had a HUGE fashion fear of jumpsuits because I knew my body shape wasn’t the “ideal” body shape for a clothing item like this.

I felt comfortable that the fabric was thick and that it is a color I really love; I’m a impulse buyer when it comes to blue and white stripes. When I was in the dressing room, I felt comfortable because how Torrid makes plus size girls feel – empowered, confident and like they can wear anything despite what society says you can and can’t wear as a plus size girl.

I styled this jumpsuit with my tan heels similar to my black heels and a white cami underneath. This was the perfect look for brunch and I was SO happy to be in a jumpsuit. This was my first, and it for sure isn’t my last purchase.

What’s the verdict for this fashion fear?

This fashion fear was conquered and I totally obsessed with jumpsuits. I challenge you to go out there any try something on you’ve been rejecting because of fashion fears.

I hope this blog has sparked something within you to try something new, bold and fun! I really love writing these, so let me know what is the next fashion fear you want me to conquer – Body Suits or something different? Let me know in the comments below!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore


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