How To Make Your Room Cozy For Fall! | Fall Decor 2019

Happy October!

Fall is my favorite time of year which means I have found the perfect decor for the season! I love decorating for fall most of all because of all the colors are super cozy! These are the decorations I look forward to putting out every year.

I love the dainty things about fall decor. My favorite pieces of decor are these embroidery hoops from Joann’s last year. These hoops remind me of my Grandmother. She always would sew and use these hoops to embroider different patterns. These will always be my favorite decor pieces for fall!

Snow Globe for Pumpkin Season!?

This year I decided to purchase a snow globe or glitter globe? I immediately am drawn to anything pumpkin patch. So, when I saw this globe at Home Goods, I knew that I needed to get it! It’s perfect for all the fall feels!

Pumpkins Galore!

I am obsessed with everything pumpkin! The best way to decorate for fall is having pumpkins on every corner. I love these new plaid pumpkins from Hobby Lobby. They are the cutest cloth pumpkins, perfect for my media shelf!

The Scent of Pumpkin Spice Lattes

There is always a need for fall scented candles. You can’t go a season without going to Home Goods or TJ Maxx and getting a million candles. I’ve bought 8 so far. I have stopped shopping Bath and Body Works candles completely because the candles from Home Goods are SO much better price and quality!

Also, how cute is my mini light up pumpkin from Hobby Lobby?!

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows, OH MY!

I have a pillow problem. I am fully aware! Put fall, pumpkins, plaid or burnt orange onto the pillow, and it’s sold. I purchase these orange plaid pillows from TJ Maxx for only $24.99. That is a STEAL for two amazingly fluffy and thick pillows!

Home Goods has been my store to get all my season decorative pillows. This new long orange pillow that says “autumn leaves pumpkins please” is the perfect pillow for my bed! I love the big pop of color it adds to the room. It makes it super cozy and fun!

Fall Y’all DIY

Of course I have to create a DIY banner! I created this a few years ago with burlap, orange paint, white wooden letters, mini clothes pins and twine. Talk about a perfect fall banner! I decided to hang it right above my bed this year for the perfect fall backdrop for my videos on YouTube.

Special Craft Show Finds

This year I had the opportunity to go to a craft show with my Mom. We walk around tons of booths that sold handmade crafts! It was so cute and I found the perfect halloween wooden trio sets. I put both sets of candy corns and ghosts on my vanity because they are little my favorite purchase I made this fall season.

Create a Pumpkin Patch In Your Room

Yes, I created my own pumpkin patch in my room. Yes, I am extra. I have TONS of pumpkins and not enough space to put them – so the floor they go, but STYLED! I have tons DIY pumpkins, Mickey and Minnie pumpkins and more to add to this pumpkin patch. It’s right next to my mirror so it can be in all my mirror selfies.

No pumpkin patch is finished without a scarecrow family. I added these two scarecrows from Cracker Barrel to my night stand to protect the pumpkin patch. I think they are adorable and a perfect addition to all the fall feels!

Night Stands Without Candy Are Not Okay.

This holiday season you can’t have a nightstand without a midnight snack – AKA Kit Kats.

Fall Desk Vibes

On my desk this year I put some of my most important pumpkins. These pumpkins are from Arizona! I love these because I got these with my brother when I visited last month. These pumpkins are handmade, hand painted and ceramic/terra-cotta. They are so cute and I love them both!

My scarecrow family is from Hobby Lobby. This is one of my favorite fall additions this year! This little family is the perfect desk accessory for fall. It puts me into such a happy mood when I see these little guys!

I hope you guys in enjoyed my fall room decor! This honestly brings me so much happiness and joy that I can’t stop smiling when I see all the pumpkins!

If you want to check out my recent decor haul on YouTube, you can check it out here! I got into so much more detail about where everything is from!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore


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