Life Lessons A Pumpkin Can Teach You | Fall Confidence Inspiration

Hey Pumpkin! Yesterday was National Confidence Day! So of course, I had to make a fun blog for you filled with fall and some of my favorite times to help your confidence!

You’re probably asking yourself – a pumpkin teaching me? Yes! Absolutely! And I am going to tell you why. Pumpkins. We love them, we buy them every year. Carve them, eat the seeds, make them into tons of different faces, DIY’s and more.

Every year, I constantly try to find the “roundest” pumpkin with the least imperfections. This year, I wanted to find the opposite. I want to compare our lives to pumpkins. We all come in different shapes and sizes, imperfections, or flaws. The more I thought about it, the more I found it so true! We are just like pumpkins.

So here are a few lessons I’ve learned from a pumpkin that help my confidence and maybe, it can help you too!

Our Flaws Add Character

Sometimes the dents and bruises on a pumpkin don’t look the best, but they are there. Sometimes the pumpkin is grown on it’s side, but it’s still standing. The stems may be long and whimsical or short and stout. These all add to the character of the pumpkin. We may have scars or bruises from whatever life has thrown our ways, but we have them and they are there. We may have depressed days were we don’t feel our best, but we show up and carry on. We all are different and have things about us that make us unique.

Everyone Has Different Sizes and Shapes

If you are happy with the biggest pumpkin, you are happy. If you like the size of the pumpkin – keep the pumpkin! Whether a small mini pumpkin or the great pumpkin, size and shape of each one is unique and different. Not one pumpkin is the same.

If you are plus size and you haven’t had the most positive confidence experience like me, learn to love you for you. That is the first step to being your most true authentic confidence self! Learning that to love those curves and shapes that make you, you! I know my shape is not the ideal shape, but I still love it. It makes me who I am. It makes me a confidence plus size women! Just like not one pumpkin is the same, not one person is the same – it’s OKAY to be different! Different is good – Different is fun – Different is YOU!

Everyone Has A Story

Every pumpkin has a story. It’s brought to the pumpkin patch from a farm, or it’s a pumpkin that is on farm that you go pick yourself. Someone nurtured that pumpkin to it’s orange, blue, white, or speckled glory!

There are people in your life that will help you nurture your confidence to health. Reach out to your family and friends and talk about how you feel! Wether it’s good or bad, this helps find people out there that feel the same way you feel. Talking about what you have been through will help you get to your most confident self!

I found telling my story helped me become more comfortable in my journey to confidence!

Steps To Becoming Confident

A pumpkin has been through a ton of growing stages. Started on the field as a seed and grow into the great pumpkin! It’s a long process, making sure it gets watered, sunlight and the fun things to help it grow into the pumpkins we know and love!

Just like the growth of a pumpkin, there a steps that need to be taken to help your confidence be the best it can be. Self care is a major step to becoming the most confident. Taking care of yourself such as getting your hair done, treating yourself to a pumpkin spice latte or making a girl boss playlist can change your mood and mindset to be clear for a more positive one!

I hope this blog gave you a confidence boost and an incentive to go a pumpkin patch for your fall season! This is one of my favorite blogs I’ve ever written and I hope you enjoyed it!

Tomorrow is my birthday so I will be posting a birthday blog! I’ll be at Disney World all weekend, so Disney content is coming!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore


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