24 & Fabulous! | Birthday Blog | 24 Facts About Me!

Happy Birthday To Me! I am super excited to be at Disney on my birthday! I have been vlogging a little, but having a great mini vacation!

I do this blog once a year for everyone to get to know me on my special day!

  1. My favorite Disney Park is Epcot. I love Epcot so much since it was Walt Disney’s original idea for coming to Florida!
  2. My favorite snack is anything with cheese wether that’s a cheesy roll up from Taco Bell or a cheese stick from Buffalo Wild Wings. Cheese is my favorite thing to snack on!
  3. I have been watching Nightmare Before Christmas before I go to bed for the past week. I’m in the spooky spirit!
  4. My go-to Disney Treat is a churro. I love churros. They are so delicious and the perfect sweet snack!
  5. Something I’m looking forward to is VLOGMAS on my YouTube Channel! I cannot wait to film my vlogmas intro next month!
  6. My favorite Disney ride at Hollywood Studios is Slinky Dog Dash. I am a huge Toy Story fan!
  7. Speaking of Toy Story, my favorite Disney character ever is the Toy Story Alien from Pizza Planet. OOOOOOO!
  8. I use to be a singer! I loved singing on stage and performing! It’s something I’ll never let go, but something I am very happy to say I did.
  9. I love baking in the fall and Christmas seasons! I never like to bake any other time – just the fall and Christmas.
  10. I graduated last year in December with my Bachelor’s in Management.
  11. When I was in high school I wanted to be a baker and have my own cupcake shop. That dream didn’t last at all!
  12. My favorite Disney Princess is Cinderella. “They can never order me to stop dreaming!”
  13. I just posted a new confidence blog in honor of Confidence Day on Thursday! You have to check it out!
  14. I am wanting to open up my own event planning company this year. I will have another blog coming out soon talking all about this!
  15. I hate packing! I cannot pack to save my life. I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to packing for anything,. I tend to over pack this way!
  16. I’ve never attended Mickey Very Merry Christmas Party! I would love to go this year because Christmas is one of my favorite times of year!
  17. I have an obsession with pins! I love Disney pins. I’ve been collecting them for over a year now and I’ve grown my collection a lot! Especially this weekend at Disney!
  18. My least favorite ride at Disney is Rockin’ Roller Coaster. I do not like the launch and it scares me so much!
  19. 19 is my favorite number! I think everyone can tell why! 10.19!
  20. When I’m not blogging, I’m vlogging! I love making videos! I’ve been creating a ton this month. I just posted a new video all about my room decor tour! Check out the link below to see it!
  21. I love painting! When I was little, I loved being an artist. I would always beg everyone to let me color or paint. Now as a 24 year old, I’m going constantly to Pinot’s Palette to do instructed paintings! I have 3 coming up that I’m super excited for!
  22. My favorite place to go to other than Disney World is the beach. I could stay out on the sand for hours! I love going to the boardwalk or pier to go shopping or get some amazing food! (Bubba Gump please, Shrimp is also my favorite!)
  23. I recently completed my first event ever as an event planner! I have never been more proud of myself for accomplishing a huge goal of mine!
  24. I feel like 24 will be one of the best years of my life because of the accomplishments I know are going to happen. The rest of 2019 and all of 2020 will be some amazing announcements! I’m talking BIG! So stay tuned and follow my blog!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and reading! I love each one of you for helping me achieve my dreams!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore


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