Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party | All The Tips You Need From A First Timer

Boo To YOU and YOU! Happy Halloween!

I have been wanting to review Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party for a very long time and I never had the opportunity to go. FINALLY, this year I was able to attend for my birthday this year. I went on October 18th to Magic Kingdom for this fun and spooky night. So let’s talk about it this not so scary event!

Crowd Level

Since I went on a Friday and it was mid-October, there were so many people. I was surprised that it was as crowded as it was because it was raining. Since it is getting closer to Halloween, I say that the parties are even more packed than the ones in late August and September. If I had to choose a date for next year, I would go sometime in September.


This year Disney had a few rides that had a “Halloween Twist”. Space Mountain was one of them! I love this ride already without the twist, but with all the lights off and the crazy spooky music, it was the best thing we rode all night! Pirates of the Caribbean also had a twist on it. I was kind of disappointed with Pirates. I was expecting to see multiple cast members throughout the ride and I only saw 3. I thought there was a lot of potential with that ride, but Disney didn’t seem to get the memo.

The wait times was the best part about the party. Wait times for classic rides like Space Mountain and Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train are an average 80-120 minutes on non-event days. David and I waited for about 25 minutes to get on Space Mountain and 25 for Pirates. Overall, it was well worth the wait!

Candy Trails

There are so many candy stops throughout the park! I was overwhelmed with the amount of areas for candy! If you were worried about long lines for the rides – think again because the lines and wait times for candy were worse. We went to about 3 of 4 candy trails. I gotta tell you, Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor had the best treats! They gave massive handfuls and were in two parts of the theatre! Double candy! It was awesome to walk through while they were making jokes with the audience.

Costume Ideas

This year I had full intentions of wearing costumes with David. We didn’t even attempt to the week of because of the weather forecast and the fact that we were thinking of everything last minute. One thing I would change is for sure plan out a fun Disney costume. It’s exactly what I would need to help me get into the spirit even more.

Weather & Performance Cancelations

The weather in Florida is unpredictable. It just so happened that this past weekend we had a cyclone pass through the state leaving us with tons of tornados touching down in Florida and rain all weekend. The rain caused it to be so humid out and it was honestly gross. While waiting in line for my popcorn bucket, we heard the only show that would perform on the Magic Kingdom Main Stage. It made us question the whole night if the Boo To You Parade would be canceled and the fireworks would be going off later that night.

Of course I have the inside scoop for my blog readers – if you are at the party and are concerned about the weather, the event will not cancel a parade or firework show unless it is down pouring. Since it was sprinkling on and off, both Boo To You Parades and Firework Show were still scheduled.

The Entertainment

My favorite part of the entire night was the Boo To You Parade. The song has been in my head ever since that night! I absolutely loved it. There were several floats and performers that blew my mind! My favorite scene was the Haunted Mansion floats and Graveyard Dancers with the shovels.

In my opinion, the firework show was not the best firework show I’ve seen at Magic Kingdom. The fireworks were beautiful, but I didn’t really like the plot and the story line felt super rushed. I felt like there were trying to make a 30 minute Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode in minutes and add Nightmare Before Christmas characters. I’d much rather see a show all about Nightmare Before Christmas or something with the Haunted Mansion Characters.

Snacks Galore

I have a serious obsession with popcorn buckets from Walt Disney World. It is a problem – I’m well aware. I originally had no intentions of going to this party, but when I saw this Mickey Pumpkin Popcorn Bucket was a party exclusive, I knew I was booking my tickets immediately. I love the Mickey Pumpkin! The bucket is smaller than the normal buckets, but it’s too cute not to buy! This bucket was $18.00+ tax – just note that treats and party exclusives are very expensive!

David and I really didn’t try any sweet treats. We tried the Hades Nachos at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. These nachos had spicy with buffalo chicken in a pretty small bowl for $13.00. David did not like it as much as I did. The consistency was odd and it didn’t really taste good. It tasted like it was sitting out for a while. I don’t recommend getting it if you are a spicy lover. The spice is no where to be found.

Overall, I did love my time at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! There were things that I didn’t expect to happen or weren’t expecting to see. It was a great experience to be in the park with fewer people and lower wait times. I highly recommend if you are wanting to vacation at Disney World to book a ticket to an event over booking a ticket for normal park hours. You would be paying the same cost, but having a limited number of crowds in the parks.

I do believe that the MNSSHP is the PERFECT place to do safe trick-or-treating if you have kids. There are well over 10 treat trails that the WHOLE family can collect candy at. The party is more centered towards kids, not really the childless millennial that I am.

Would I go again? Of Course! Would I do it differently? FOR SURE! You have to go once to experience it! I would go to party in any other month but October.

I hope you found this blog super helpful for your next vacation to Disney World or if you are planning to attend a exclusive Magic Kingdom event such as the Halloween Party or any others!

Happy Halloween Y’all!

Cheyenne Lenore


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