Fall In Florida | Pumpkin Patch Style

October is over, but Pumpkin Season is still happening!

Fall In Florida is just beginning. By Fall, I mean it’s hitting the 80’s – the high 80’s. That’s not stopping me from rocking my favorite fall trends!

Right now I have been loving the burnt oranges and mustard yellows. I’ve been gravitating towards these colors for months now because of how beautiful they are. Naturally, I want those beautiful colors to be in my wardrobe!

Around this time last year, I found out that Charlotte Russe had a plus size section. The store is no longer operating as it filed for bankruptcy back in the summer. They revitalized a few stores, but are now shutting a majority of them down again. Leaving me with no Charlotte Russe to go to – so I thought.

You all know I have a Poshmark! I have been using Poshmark since 2015 and I rarely purchase anything – I mainly post my clothes for people to shop my closet (which you totally should).

Why I’m telling you all of this is because I bought my skirt on Poshmark. It was my Posh Fall Find! I remember trying that skirt on in Charlotte Russe and not wanting to pay $30 for a skirt. Ever since that day, I regretted not purchasing the skirt! I would think about it all the time.

I started searching on Poshmark for the skirt and I eventually found one in my size – exactly what I wanted but for $12!! I was blown away that I found the skirt for over half off.

My mustard color skirt is the perfect addition to any wardrobe for the fall. The color is perfect for the season. The material is corduroy another cozy fall element! I love corduroy for the fall because it a material that isn’t too thick but it’s perfect for Florida Fall. Not too hot, not too cold! This skirt has the perfect zipper detailing in the middle! It’s a nice edgy touch but still super girly!

I styled the skirt with a orange top from Forever 21. This burnt orange shirt is the perfect combination for a pumpkin patch style. I wanted to blend in with the pumpkins while I was picking out The Great Pumpkin! This shirt may or may not end up on my Poshmark closet sometime in the future!

I added a reddish brown colored hat to this outfit for the perfect fall fit! My hat is from Forever 21. Adding a fun colored hat is the perfect addition if you want a cozy vibe to your outfit.

I paired the outfit with my go-to all season long brown booties from Charlotte Russe that I purchased last year. I with I had the boots in all different colors. Maybe I’ll start searching Poshmark again!

Honestly, the perfect accessory for this outfit is a pumpkin! I am going to miss the pumpkin patches, but I can’t wait for next year’s fall photos! I am still rocking this style, pumpkin or not!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog and got some fall wardrobe inspiration! Definitely check out Poshmark if you are regretting purchasing something from the mall, you never know if you can find it cheaper! If you are interested in shopping my closet, click here!

Until the next blog!

Cheyenne Lenore


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