Walking In A Winter Wonderland | Christmas Decor Tour 2019

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I wanted to share with you all my decorate for the Christmas season for 2019! Christmas is my favorite time of year, so I love all the festive Christmas decor! If you are looking for some last minute decor inspiration, this is the blog for you!

The Happiest Christmas Banners!

I’ve been obsessed this season with felt and pompom garlands. These garlands are from Home Goods and Michael’s Craft Store! These are perfect if you are wanting to spice up your decor, but adding a simple garland!

Christmas Trees Galore!

I have a total of 6 trees in my room, (3 6ft, 2 3ft and 1 mini tree – along with several other small versions of trees from target and home goods). I’m obsessed with Christmas trees. They are my favorite thing to have around during this time of year. It brings in all the festivities.

These are a staple for me! I love having these around just to make the room super cozy and feeling like Christmas! I have WAY too many decorative pillows for the holidays, but they are so perfect in every way! My favorite pillows are plaid ones, if you couldn’t tell!


Now, you love ornaments like me, you have them in all shapes, colors, characters, themes and more. My go to shop for ornaments is Cracker Barrel. There is something about rustic birched wood and buffalo plaid that makes my heart so happy! Ornaments can take you back to a time period or a place. They hold so much value and meaning. That’s why I love them. For example, my UT ornament – as an alumni, that ornament means so much more to me this year than ever before. My favorite ornament I purchased this year was my Baby Jesus ornament with my mom at a local craft fair. It was my first religious ornament I’ve every purchased for my trees. I’ll always remember the moment I got it and the value it holds!

Climbing Santa

Polaroids & Signs

I’m all about making the memories. These are the all from my Vlogmas intro shoot!

Reindeers and Gingerbreads

Okay, this is an essential for decor, but I love little reindeer and gingerbreads – especially if they are in pillow and stuffed animal form. These are the types of items that can add so my Christmas spirit into your house!

A Countdown To Christmas

I’ve been counting down all December long with my countdown from Hazel and Dot, a local Tampa boutique. I’ve been obsessed with showing it everyday in my Vlogmas journey on my YouTube Channel to see all my Christmas adventures!

I hope this blog gave you all some holly jolly cheer on this amazing festive holiday! I hope a very merry Christmas! I’ll be posting some more Christmas/New Years related content throughout the rest of 2019!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore


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