What I’m Doing During Florida’s “Stay A Home Order” | A Guide To Motivate You While Staying Inside

Happy April 1st! I am so happy that it’s April, because April is a special month for the blog! This month I’ve been blogging for 3 years. In honor of my Blog-A-Versary for Cheyenne Lenore, I am blogging every single day leading up to April 15th, my Blog-A-Versary! So, follow along and get ready for content everyday!

Let’s get started! I hope you all are staying safe and indoors! I have been enjoying this time being home and just reflect, relax and handle things I’ve been putting off. We are all going through this together, so I wanted to give you all an guide of what I’ve been doing these past 2 1/2 weeks staying at home.

Organizing & Cleaning Everything

I have been organizing literally everything in my path. I finally have caught up on hanging my clothes! I have cleaned all areas in my room and decluttered them! It’s such a refreshing feeling to have clean space! I’ve been filming fun clean with me’s for my YouTube channel! I just uploaded a clean with me on my YouTube Channel today! Put my video on the TV and clean your room with me!

Listing Items & Sharing on Poshmark

I have been posting listings nonstop on Poshmark lately! It’s a fun and easy way to just get rid of things that you no longer use or want anymore! With more time on our hands to share and post, try going through your closet and finding those items that don’t fit or are not your style anymore!

Play Animal Crossing Everyday

I have been obsessed with playing Animal Crossing! I have been playing it daily ever since the game came out! I will be posting a video soon of me playing the game to my YouTube Channel!

Drinking Large Amounts of Coffee Daily

These pictures represent how I feel when I have coffee everyday. I have been drinking it way too much, but it has kept me awake and going throughout this time at home!

Tackling Projects I’ve had on my to do list for months (which including redoing this shelf!)

On my to do list from months ago, I wanted to style my wooden shelf. Finally, during my time at home I finally redid this shelf! Check out my room tour on my YouTube Channel for my room tour!

Brainstorming Blogs and Videos

I have been brainstorming and staying up late every night figuring out content ideas for you all! I am super excited to share upcoming blogs and videos with you! I have recently found (when cleaning my room) a laptop table for when I want to be lazy and relax in bed!

Picking Up A Book & Reading!

I went to the Barnes and Noble curbside with my mom recently to pick up some reading material! I have been obsessed with reading Nicholas Sparks books! It’s a great escape away from technology for a little bit! I highly suggest ordering a few books or getting to books that you haven’t gotten to in a while.

Business Planning

I am still planning my event planning business! It has been a long process, but I’m working on the goal each and every day! Writing ideas and plans down have been my best option in keep my head free of stress and worries while coming up with a business plan.

Decluttering Every Drawer

Looking threw all your drawers allows you to find all the things that you really don’t need. I found swimsuits, shoes and notebooks that I no longer want. Away they go to Poshmark!

Finally Cleaning My Closet (even though I don’t want to!)

This is me, looking at the mess of a closet I have to clean, and I’m not the happiest about it! My next task is working on it and I’ll film the whole thing! I will post it on my YouTube channel for everyone’s enjoyment during the social distancing time period! I cannot wait to finally get it organized and clean!

I hope this blog inspired you to get motivated during your time at home! I hope you are staying safe and healthy!

See you guys in tomorrow’s blog!

Cheyenne Lenore


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