5 Things Animal Crossing Will Make You Want To Do | How Playing It Will Actually Change Your Mindset

Happy Thursday Y’all! I know what your thinking, “how is Animal Crossing going to change my mindset” – I am going to tell you right now that it’s the best game. Especially because of David and I’s Island: Kokomokoko. Yes, named after my favorite song, Kokomo by the Beach Boys.

What is Animal Crossing? Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game that recently came out for Nintendo Switch. I remember being little playing the Gamecube with my Animal Crossing game, loving it! I later sold it to buy baseball tickets – very bad decision.

I’m a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger – why am I talking about Animal Crossing? Well – Animal Crossing teaches you a lot about changing how you think and what you think about. It will make you want to get up actually do things in real life!


I never really thought about planting flowers, trees or anything for that matter until I started playing this game. The other day I was eating avocado toast and said “I’m going to keep the seed and plant it”! Words that never crossed my mind until I started playing this game. I have been inspired to learn more about planting! Also, I started pulling weeds randomly outside this past weekend – my dad nearly passed out seeing my pull the weeds. I’m telling you – the game is a game changer in real life.

Crafting The Little Things

I love crafting – have always loved crafting! This game has reinforced why I love designing things and making things. I recently redid my shelf out of no where – the creativity of crafting flimsy rods and flimsy axes really helps motivate you! I decided to take old decor I thought was “ugly” and I made it look like you could buy it from Home Goods!

Repurposing Trash

I love the idea of reusing jars and fun things for crafting, so when you get DIY recipes for creating things from an empty can or a tire out of the water, it made me think about all the trash I use that I could do other things with. We’ll see what I come up with in my craft room – or should I say simple diy workbench.

I always find myself getting happy when I receive a DIY recipe for making a bamboo lamp or a rose wreath. It’s the little things that can make you happy! I find myself getting way too excited seeing a washed up message in a bottle appear on the shore – it reminds me that we should be thankful for even the little things we can get.

Gone Fishin’

Fishing has always been a fun activity of mine outside of playing Animal Crossing; but I am sure a good fisher-women (in the game at least)! I am obsessed with fishing – especially late nights when I tend to find the bigger more obnoxious fish.

It reminds me that I want to go fishing again. David will remind me sometimes that I like to bring up my fishing past saying the fish caught 10+ years ago grows a few inches every time I bring it up. Every time a catch a fish in this game, the same thing happens only this time – I can screen shot for proof! Next time we can be outside, I’ll grab a rod and go the bay to catch a “black bass – the most metal fish”.

Helping & Giving To Others

Whenever you talk to one of your island mates on Animal Crossing, you are sometimes able to give them gifts while talking to them. I love that this is an option because it teaches you to give whatever you have in your inventory right on the spot.

Right now with everything going on in the world, it’s important that we think of others and making sure we are helping people! By staying inside or going to the grocery store for our parents and grandparents, we are able to help others. By helping, we are giving them protection for their health. This may be something that is small that you can implement, but right now it’s all we have “on the spot”.

If you guys have this game, let me know in the comments below – I want to visit your Island!

I hope you enjoyed this fun and random blog! I really love the game, so I’m going to stop blogging now to go pick up cherry blossom leaves and plant coconut trees.

Until tomorrow’s blog!

Cheyenne Lenore


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