6 Things To Do To Organize Your Life | Motivation For The Week Ahead

Happy Sunday! It is a new start to the week and I am giving you all the advice you’ll need to start off your week strong and organize your life. The past couple of weeks have been a little bit crazy, so let’s try to regroup and refocus! We’ve got this – you’ve got this. Let’s get started!

Getting A Planner Together

I know this is simple, but it’s hard to keep up with a planner. I have found myself sometimes forgetting that I even wrote things I needed to take care of in the planner. If I don’t have it open on my desk – I will never look at it. Do what you need to do to organize your schedule. Whether that’s a digital or physical planner – find a method to all the scheduling madness!

Distance Yourself From Social Media

I know this is crazy, you probably are reading this because I shared it on social media. Yes! Social Media can be healthy, but in small amounts. I find myself getting headaches or feeling down when I keep scrolling or refreshing my feed. Put the phone down or even shut off the phone for a few hours. Trust me, I have walked away from the phone and even driven without it – you can do it! I try to distance myself two times a week from social media. This has helped me tremendously!

Just Breathing

This is something that I honestly forget to focus on. I know I’m breathing, but am I focusing on it? Not really. I have just recently downloaded the app Headspace and it’s really calming! Also, I often play ocean sounds at night on my Google Home. This helps my mind focus on something else especially at night when that’s when all the ideas start to flow. Side note: I keep my notebook by my desk just in case I have an idea pop up in my head.

Write Your Ideas Down

Get everything out of your head and onto paper or a note in your phone. This is going to be good if you are wanting to feel more organized and less clutter in your head. Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I have to many blog or video ideas in my head and I don’t put them on paper. It’s important that those things that make you happy can continue to keep you happy if you handle it with care.

Make A To Do List

I love making to do lists. I have sticky notes everywhere and notebooks filled with things I need to do. This can help you with anything that may be on your plate. Making a list of things that need to get done is empowering and satisfying! If you can write down everything you need to take care of and make it into a realistic goal for the day – you are organized and on the right path!

Declutter Stuff From Your Space

Right now we have plenty of time on our hands to declutter and get rid of any unwanted items. I talked all about how I’ve been declutter in my Things Do During A Stay At Home Order Blog! I have been clearing my desk and drawers that are just cluttered and disorganized. Even though things are tucked away, it’s still clouding my space. Try cleaning a drawer out and see how you feel afterwards! You’ll feel productive and you are getting something done to help you organize your life!

I hope this blog inspired you to organize a little bit and get prepped for the week! Let me know what’s on your to do list in the comments below! I will be sharing so many things this week on my Instagram, so make sure you are following me on there!

I am prepping a lot of bigger blogs right now, so get ready for some fun blogs heading your way! If you have any recommendations, please let me know! You can send me a message on my contact me page!

See you in tomorrow’s blog!

Cheyenne Lenore


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