How To Stay Confident | Things You Can Do Starting Now

Happy Wednesday! I’m so happy to be days closer to the weekend! I wanted to share with you a few topics I had in mind for keeping a confident and positive outlook.

If you didn’t know – I had the lowest confidence and self-esteem several years ago. It wasn’t an overnight process and it didn’t go away quickly. I implemented things in my routines that helped me gain confidence. This has to do with what’s within yourself. You have to find confidence and positivity for your life that makes you the happiest. These tips are to help you gain that confidence. When you feel doubtful, just remember these few things!

Mirror Talking

This is something I do very often – if not everyday. This may sound “crazy”, but this seriously works. If you are every feeling like you aren’t good enough or that you feel like you can’t do something – talk to yourself in the mirror. Actually tell yourself you look good. Tell yourself that you can be productive. Tell yourself that you will have a good day. Tell yourself that you beautiful and enough. That can make a bigger impact in your confidence than anything. I have started a highlight on my Instagram called Mirror Talk all dedicated to the moments I’ve stood in front of my mirror talking to myself because I’m proud of me and I’m confident.

Lizzo State Of Mind

I love Lizzo. She is the definition of confidence and body positivity. We just need to have the “Lizzo State Of Mind”! If that means you do a hair toss and check your nails, girl – do it! Do what makes you happy for you. Be unapologetically yourself. Sometimes we need a moment to just take a “me” day. Lizzo constantly doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her and what she does. She’s an inspiration because she embraces who she is to the fullest. Embrace who you are and toss the hair, girl! You’ve got this!

Learning To Love The Things That Make You Unique

When I was younger, I always stood out. Even now, I still stand out because I’ve fully embraced my flaws. My flaws have become my favorite thing about myself. I’m different and it’s good to be different. Embrace your curves, your hair, fashion style, anything that makes you unique! I may have huge thighs, but that isn’t going to stop me from wearing a cute bikini to the beach. Embrace the cellulite, the bumps and lumps because that’s what makes you special.

Make Like Elsa & Let It GO.

Over the years I’ve learned to accept myself for who I am and learn that this is who I was meant to be. This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life because I am able to let go. Let go of the negative thoughts in your head that are telling you are not good enough and just let it go. Talk in the mirror and regroup if you go to that negative headspace. Let go of the thoughts that cause you to be unproductive or the doubt that you won’t be successful. If you put your mind to something, things will work out. If you put your mind to letting go of the worries and negativity, you can make a different in your mental health and confidence.

Set Up A Playlist That Gets You To Slay The Day | Invest In Your Passions

One constant thing that has always been in my life and that never bullied me was music. I would sing to let go of those feelings of hurt and sadness when I was younger. That got me through everything I’ve ever been through. It is the reason I’m writing today.

One thing you can start doing ASAP is create a playlist. This is something you can do right now on the road to your confidence journey. Put song together that make you happy and get you hyped for the day. Wether that’s the queen Lizzo or Demi Lovato, make a list of all your favorite songs to keep your mindset positive! If you want to follow my GirlBoss Playlist, this is the one that get’s me totally motivated to do anything!

I hope this blog helped you see things differently and have a positive outlook for the future of your confidence journey! All of these tips are methods I live by daily! I hope they inspired you look in the mirror and love yourself more!

Sending all the love and positivity your way!

See in you in tomorrow’s blog!

Cheyenne Lenore


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