How To Adjust To Working From Home

This past week I have been working from home and LOVING it! I love getting out of bed, grabbing my Olaf mug and starting the day talking to my boss lady. It is something that I am very grateful for to have in my life!

Questions I asked myself are: how am I going to do this? How am I going to stay organized? How am I going to separate work life balance? Girl, I got all the info for you to take back to your home office and slay the work day!

Separate Your Work Papers From Your Personal

If you have a desk like mine you probably have a ton of papers such as bills, personal to do lists, and a bunch of random documents. Take all of that and put it in a drawer that’s designated to your “personal” desk items. Keep your work documents all together. I suggest putting those documents in a safe place like a file folder or a desk file like my pink one here! This can help you organize things when it may get chaotic.

Keep A Log Of Your Progress

This is motivating and rewarding! Make sure any tasks you do in the day you write them down. Big or small. Anything makes an impact! It’s like a reverse to do list of all your accomplishments! Also, get yourself a to do list – that can help you throughout this time if it’s hard to focus or remember what you need to get taken care of!

Stop Working When Your Time Is Up

I’ve found myself a few times working past the time I said I’d work. If you work until 4pm, start wrapping things up like closing tabs on your computer right at the time you have to clock out. This is so you can adjust back to house/normal home life!

Do Not Keep Up Any Work Tabs After You’re Done Working

Once you’ve virtually clocked out, it’s time to focus on you and your dreams! I have been guilty of leaving me email up and hearing one pop through and looking. Do not look y’all! Save it for 8am with you nice cup of coffee. Since I work from my laptop everyday on not just work, but my blog and YouTube channel, I keep separate browser windows for each “job” 1 for work, 1 for blogging – the list of windows can go on and on!

Get Up From The Chair

What I believe is the best part about working from home is the ability to go to the kitchen for a fresh lunch! I like to get up from my chair a couple times a day to dance it out! I will be on FaceTime and I’ll get up and move! I’ll walk to my closet – grab a sweater come back. I’ll get up to go get some sweet tea and come back. I can move my laptop anywhere in the house and still continue to work!

Create A Schedule That Works Best For You

My schedule I work at home is different than what I work in the office. I have more time to expand on ideas and create the best content I can make. Try making your days easier by using a time frame method. For Example: 8-9am I will answer all emails with my coffee. 9-10:30am plan content and contact…10:30-12:00 process…12:00-12:30 lunch… and so on! Create something that will work for you!

I hope these tips really helped you get motivated for your new work from home arrangement! I am really enjoying this time at home and making things work!

See you in tomorrow’s blog!

Cheyenne Lenore


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