Get Your Shelfie On! | How To Style A Shelf Like A Boss

Happy Saturday! I wanted to share with you guys a few tips if you are wanting to re-style your shelves in your house during your stay at home! These tips can be used on a floating shelf, bookshelf or any kind of shelf that needs a desperate decor remodel.

I have recently been loving switching up the decor in my room. It has helped me look differently at my space and given me something to do! I have a method to the shelf styling that I wanted to share that has worked with me. Its the best way to have the most visually appealing shelf ever!

Search Your House Before Buying Anything

First step is you’ll need to find a bunch of random decor pieces in your house. Check those rooms that are the “junk rooms”. My craft room is where I tend to find everything that has not longer worked for my room, but still decor that I love. I store it in there and wait for a time like this to style a shelf or update anything if I want to repurpose something! Gather all your items that make you happy or that you would want to throw on your shelf! Sometimes you don’t even need to buy anything. This entire shelf below were things I had laying around!

DIYing Your Own Decor

DIY’s always take thing to the next level. DIY’s don’t mean you have to use a paint brush or resort to a Pinterest fail. For example, my blue vase was just vase. It had nothing in it. I took green foam and white flowers from the dollar store and popped them in there.

Having A Color Scheme & Aesthetic

This is super important when styling a shelf that you have colors that compliment each other. You don’t want these items to look too harsh. My color scheme is pink, teal, pops of golds/brass and greenery. My aesthetic is a whimsical, vintage eclectic and chic modern. I love having a clean space and not too cluttered. These shelves are perfectly styled with minimal items, yet clean match the aesthetic I’m going for!

Using Your Memories As Decor Pieces

I love putting a little spin on decor and using things that were souvenirs when I traveled to New Orleans or a gift someone purchases me.

Photo Frame Layering

I can tell my favorite part of this shelf is the layering of my photos from my University of Tampa graduation photoshoot. I didn’t want to open the easel to let them rest on their own, but lean them against the wall on top of each other. This is a stylish look that give the shelf depth!

Adding Greenery

Adding florals can totally upgrade the whole look of a shelf. If you shelf is high up like mine, find a drooping plant that can hang. Instead of putting it in the middle, cut of the end of the bookshelf with the plant dropping down! It has it’s own moment and adds a whimsical vibe to the shelf.

Groups of Three

If you haven’t learned the rule of 3, you are now! Groups of three are more eye appealing because it is an odd number of things together. Varying sizes of things gives you three different points to look at. Y’all they teach us this at Home Goods – style the shelves in clusters of three. I have groups of 3 all over my shelfs. I believe that is what ultimately makes my shelves work.

If you decided to re-do your shelves in your home let me know and tag me in your shelf photos on Instagram!

See you in tomorrow’s blog!

Cheyenne Lenore


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