My At Home Essentials | What I Can’t Live Without During Quarantine

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you all have had a relaxing day! I have been receiving a ton of requests of what is my favorite items of the moment or where I’m getting my essential items. So I decided to create a list of items I cannot live without right now!

Inflatable Pool

I have been getting tons of questions about this pool on my Instagram. This pool was the best purchase of 2020 so far. I love everything about it and the fact that it’s bigger than your average size pool for kids. This is the perfect pool for adults! I got this pool off of Amazon along with cute little flamingo drink floats. I have been enjoying this pool a lot the past couple of weeks. I know it will be getting a ton more uses out of it when it’s okay to throw mini poll parties in my backyard.

Palm Tree Pool Float

Yes, I put this 5 foot float in my 7 foot pool. This float is from target! I was shopping on target’s drive up and found this float perfect for my at home vacation getaway to my backyard! I am obsessed with it and it fits perfectly in my pool. I didn’t think this would workout, but surprisingly it did! I am super excited to be using this as the days get warmer and I would like to have mini getaway from the desk.

Nintendo Switch

As you may know, I have been obsessed with playing Animal Crossing. The Nintendo Switch has been my favorite pass time this entire quarantine! I have loved going to islands and fishing in the game! I even wrote a blog about 5 things the game will make you want to do in real life. It is so much fun and if you haven’t played it yet, go on the e-shop and get it right now!

Sweet Tea

This is super random, but I’m sharing what my spring essentials are right? Tea. Tea has been an essential – specifically Publix Sweet Tea. I have been drinking it nonstop since mid-March. I love Publix anything – as should everyone in the South! I have been craving sweet tea and sunshine since quarantine started. So I say, why crave – just make it happen. Grab a couple of gallons and I’m set for my pool days.

Cozy Slippers

I have been loving wearing slippers all the time. It has been so relaxing not having to use real shoes! I am all about comfort so these sandal slippers from torrid are my favorite. These are super soft and cozy! I have just started wearing them recently and they are like walking on clouds! Get yourself some cozy slippers to chill in!


This is honestly a know brainer – of course I am watching Disney+. What I cannot live without right now is watching The Cheetah Girls. I am at least singing one Cheetah Girl song a day at this point. Catching me singing Cinderella and Cheetah Sisters once a day and that’s a true essential for my quarantine days.

Making A To Do List

This has helped me so much since staying at home. I have been able to be more productive and get work done more efficiently when I know what I have to get done during the day. I try to make one massive to do list and assign days for doing certain things.

What are some of your essentials you cannot live without right now?

Until tomorrow’s blog!

Cheyenne Lenore


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