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Monday’s are for calling out BS and that is exactly what I’m doing in this blog today. I’ve been recently watching videos about these plus size stereotypes that are pretty much ridiculous. I watch one Buzz Feed video of the women hold up the signs of what the stereotype is and wearing what the sign says anyway. I loved that so much so I said let me take to Instagram to see what stereotypes my Instagram followers have heard of.

So I decided to go through every blog I’ve done where I am breaking every plus size fashion stereotype and prove that you can wear whatever you want – whenever you want!

“No Bikinis”

No Bikinis? Forget that! I am obsessed with high waisted bottoms as part of a two piece swimsuit. I love styling them with different tops and colors! This is one of the most versatile things you can have in your closet! Mix matching and styling with different bottoms or tops is the best part. AND the fact that in a bikini your tummy is free. Show off those stretch marks and cellulite because girl – I have them too! We all do! It’s okay to rock a two piece and feel good in it. Don’t worry about what people may think of you in it. As long as you are happy and you love it – that is what matters.

“Can’t Wear Crop Tops”

To say I was always hesitant of crop tops is an understatement. It wasn’t until I actually went in the dressing room and tried them on with flowy shorts that I fell in love with them. Once I pair them with short shorts and skirts, I said forget the flowy shorts and crop tops – I love crop tops the way they are. From cheetah to sparkles, I love any kind of crop top. The stereotype says we can show our tummies. WHY NOT? I had to learn to love myself and that was the struggle I had with my body confidence. To allow the whole internet to see my tummy is a huge step in the positivity direction. Wear whatever crop top makes you feel cute or confident! These sure did!

“No Tight Clothing”

As a plus size girl, I was always worried about wearing tight skirts or tight clothing because of what people would normally say about it. With blogging, I’ve been able to open my mind to all different kinds of fashion that I wouldn’t have ever gravitated to. Tight leather skirts and mini skirts where something I always feared, but after trying them on and styling them. I fell in love the fit! Tight clothing can be rocked by us plus size women! It can accentuate our curves and feel confident doing so!

“Don’t Wear Bright Clothing”

I have worn just about every color in the rainbow and some for my blog. Wearing color can brighten your mood, day and do so much for an outfit! Pops of color are beautiful! It’s said that us plus size women have to wear oversized clothing and black to slim the figure. Black is a classic color that will never go out of style! Try branching out and wearing color more often. Theres so many opportunities to try new things and new color. It’s is the perfect way to bring more style into your wardrobe.

“No Stripes”

I have been told this for years – ever since I was a kid that I couldn’t wear stripes because they will make you bigger. Well look at ya girl now! I am obsessed with the pattern of blue and white stripes. Stripes going around was the main issue that I always was told was “wrong” but there is WAY to many cute outfits out there that you can wear that have stripes. I started buying things with stripes in college. That was 5 years ago. that’s almost 20 years of missing out on stripes. I’m in love with them and won’t stop wearing it now.

“No Shorts”

Y’all, I live in Florida – of course I will wear shorts! Not just any shorts – short shorts, paper bag shorts, flowy shorts, cropped shorts. Shorts are essential in hot weather. I use to purchase shorts that would go past my knee because I was afraid for people to see my thighs. “Thighs that were once were too big for me to ever have anyone like me.” – Thanks to the bullies – I’m slaying away in my short shorts and loving it. Just because I have cellulite and big thighs doesn’t stop my from wearing what will make me feel good and confident.

“Shouldn’t Be Confident”

“Plus size women shouldn’t be confident.” I’ve heard that so much in my life and it’s all over the internet that us women shouldn’t be confident. Why you ask? I have no clue, but I call massive BS. When I was younger and just started to gain weight as a pre-teen, I remember be so self conscious and completely being isolated and criticized when I was the odd one out. It had every ounce to do with my weight. I had the feeling that I didn’t belong. I know how it feels to hate everything about yourself and start to believe the “plus size stereotypes”. My confidence plummeted back then and it wasn’t until I started loving myself in high school and college to get where I am now.

If I want to be confident with my outfits, I sure as hell am throwing on my most extra outfit and rocking it. Bring on the bright clothes, leather, tight outfits, crop tops and bikinis. I am breaking the “plus size don’ts”.

I truly hope this blog has inspired you as it has inspired me while I wrote it. This whole blog was to show you all that it is possible to come from a dark place with confidence and esteem and become this happy. If I could do it – you sure can do it too.

If you know of any other ridiculous stereotypes I missed, let me know in the comments below. I would love to prove all of them wrong for you guys will tons of style inspiration! This was so motivating for me and I hope it could be motivating for you.

SIDE NOTE! Wednesday is my 3rd Blog-A-Versary of blogging! I am so excited to share it all with you guys! Please stay tuned and thank you for sticking with me this whole month of April! I hope you are loving these daily blogs!

Stay confidence and beautiful!

Lots of love,

Cheyenne Lenore


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