Shopping Local Businesses | How You Can Help During This Time

I have been obsessed recently with shopping at small shops! I am have been supporting a few for a while and I wanted to share them with you all! As a future small business owner, I look up to a lot of smaller shops and vendors! These are a few that have been my go-to places for a while! Here’s how you can help these small businesses in the local Tampa area. If you aren’t from here, maybe take a look around city to see about supporting your local businesses.

Best Chicken In The Business

To start off the list of local Tampa business I love is number one – King Of The Coop. These guys are AMAZING and truly have the best Nashville Hot Chicken in the entire city – probably the whole state. Their tender baskets put them on the map! Just look at those tenders!! I am obsessed; David and I order at least once a week because we cannot get enough of their chicken. Right now since all restaurants are closed for dining in, we have been ordering through Uber Eats. I highly recommend if you live in the Tampa area to give them a try. I am not a food reviewer, but I know good chicken, and King Of The Coop is where it’s at! Click here to check out their website!

Cutest Boutique Award Goes To…

When I was little, my mom and I always would talk about how she wanted to own a boutique. She would talk about the items she would have or the way she would set it up. Unfortunately, that never happened for my mom, but I always was inspired by her dream. There was one day we stumbled across a the cutest boutique in South Tampa one day while shopping at TJ Maxx. Hazel + Dot. Can I say the minute I walked into their store, it was like the boutique my mom always dreamt of having. It was right in front of both of us and it was the most beautifully laid out boutique we had ever seen. From themed sections for bridal, Gasparilla, glam and fashion, to baby, greeting cards and humorous office supplies – Hazel and Dot has it all.

I have been shopping at this boutique a for a couple of years now and have been loving their fun products and fun style! Hazel and Dot despite the set back of Covid-19, are allowing you to shop from home! I’ve placed and order once and am totally ready for another one! Allison will deliver your purchases to your home free of charge fully contactless. If you are missing going shopping, check out their Instagram (@hazelanddot) or click here for their website to purchase a gift card to support their small business!

THE Record Shop

Microgroove is a local shop in Seminole Heights that carries all kinds of fun records and their shop is the cutest record store in Tampa! It is the go-to spot to get any vinyl you need for your collection. I honestly refuse to go anywhere else. I love seeing the crates of records and the fun ping pong table that is out every now and then (really missing some ping pong right now). As of now, the owner is shipping merchandise and making local deliveries in the Seminole Heights area while we are all stuck at home! This is a great way to support your small businesses and still have fun shopping for music. Of course I had to get a Disney record! Check out Microgroove’s Instagram (click here) to see all the records that are for sale!

I hope this blog inspires you to research your local shops and support smaller business. If you shop any of your local businesses, let me know in the comments below!

I hope all are staying safe!

Lots of love,

Cheyenne Lenore


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