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Happy Thursday! It’s a DIY kind of day! I’ve been inspired by a lot of trends lately and one that is always in my shopping cart are headbands with pearls on them. When I first started buying these headbands, I started wondering if I would follow through and actually wear them. I was impressed with myself and I actually wear them almost daily! I am obsessed with the pearl style headbands and have been loving the trend for way over a year now. Barrettes, headbands, sweaters – everything with pearls! I decided to spruce up some of my not so used headbands to turn them into ones that I reach for more – pearl headbands!

All the items you will need:

Glue Gun

Glue Sticks for glue gun


Any headband you would like to use

This is the easiest DIY I could ever tell you about, but it is super fun and takes all the worries away! Once you have all your supplies, go ahead and start with the headband you want to add your beads to!

You want to get an assorted pearl bead mix so you have options for your headband! I purchased mine from Michael’s!

There is a method I liked to use when putting the beads onto the headband – bigger beads on the top of the band and getting small ones as I glue them down the headband. This is the trick to having the cutest headband – better than any store can make it!

Once I glued all the beads down, I let it dry and it was ready to go! These turned out so cute and I will be wearing them for sure!

I hope you enjoyed this little blog! I know it’s super short, but I want to post more DIY’s on here because I am a crafty queen! If there’s something you want me to DIY, let me know!

See you in tomorrow’s blog!

Lots of love,

Cheyenne Lenore


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