A Galaxy Far Far Away | Star Wars Padme Amidala & Darth Vader Inspired OOTDs

The Star Wars reruns are in full Jedi Force! I am SO excited for this May 4th! Disney+ is launching Star Wars Episode 9, Rise of Skywalker. I am TOO excited for this and I will be watching it on the 4th.

Something I have always wanted to do since I started getting into the movies is do Disney bounds! A Disney bound is when you use everyday clothing to create any character. I’ve done this before with Minnie Mouse and other characters, but Star Wars was always one I wanted to do. Since the parks are closed, I figured this is the best time to try it out and have fun with it!

Recently I watched the Prequels, Episodes 1-3 and I have a lot of mixed emotions, but 3 was the best of all of them. I loved the love story between Padme and Anakin. So I decided to do a Disney bound all about these character!

Padme Amidala

I took major inspo from the scene where Padme and Anakin were in the field where she wore the prettiest yellow floral dress. Ya girl does not have a yellow floral dress like hers, but I wanted to try it out! Grab any floral maxi dress and you could be her if you believe!

I had to add some type of headband, so I grabbed my favorite one from Hazel and Dot – and not wear it like how it’s supposed to be. Disney Bounds are something to have fun with! This was a lot of fun getting to be Padme! I will try this again in the parks, bigger and better. For the “Stay At Home” time being, this is pretty awesome! I grabbed a string from my craft room and tied it around my waist and called it perfection at my quarantine’s finest!

The picture below is me dreaming about my next move as “Queen Amidala”. Let I’ve said, I didn’t like The first few movies, but I do love a cute love story. Padme and Anakin stole my heart, until the damage was done and there was no more Anakin. SPOILER ALERT! We’re going to the dark side.

Speaking of the dark side,

Darth Vader

Darth Vader – the classic villain. I wanted to completely take an all leather look and give it to the one true misunderstood villain of all! He’s mysterious and troubled – so I wanted to take all my favorite “dark side” pieces and create an iconic Darth Vader inspired look.

Leather every where! When I think of Vader, I think of dark and leather materials. I styled my Vader outfit with a leather skirt from Torrid. This is the perfect skirt for the job! It’s long enough that that it can resemble his full suit! Adding more mystery to the outfit, I grab a black felt hat just to add that element of spooky. Since I don’t want to wear Vader’s mask – it would be way too obvious, this Forever 21 hat will do just great!

Attention to the details! Because I don’t naturally have belts with buttons and buttons on my chest, I decided to opt in for red, white and green belts to resemble Vader’s buttons and belts he wears.

Who’s Darth Vader without a classic cape? I can’t find a cape so my next best option is a black leather jacket. This is a classic for me! It totally elevated my look to the dark side!

I had to add an element of sweet to this look. I took a lace crop from from torrid and used that for my top! It’s really pretty and I’m not fully on the dark side. Defiantly slayed the Darth Vader look. I am convinced that I am the girl version of Darth Vader.

I hope you enjoyed this blog! I have another Disney Bound of Star Wars characters tomorrow for Star Wars Day, May 4th!

Until tomorrow’s Star Wars Blog – May the force be with you!

Lots of galactic love from my Home!

Cheyenne Lenore


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