The Key To Unlocking The Magic | Creating The Disney Magic In Your Home

Happy Wednesday! We are halfway through the week and I cannot wait for the weekend! Something I have been missing lately is Disney World. I think all Annual Passholders right now are feeling the same way. In case you are a passholder or maybe just love Disney and want something to do, I’ve comprised a list of things you can do to bring the magic into your home!

Disney Playlist

This is essential if you want to bring the magic home! Turn up all the Disney jams on a playlist and sing-a-long! If you love Disney, you will know every word to every song! Whenever I find myself needing a magical jam session, this is my go to!

Find The Carousel of Progress Script & Read It Out Loud

This is something David and I do all the time! We are big fans of The Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland. Online there are so many versions of the script that you can read! This is just like bringing the Disney Magic home! This is something fun you and the whole family can do if you are quarantined together!

Watch The Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Watching the Disney Magic Kingdom Fireworks is the thing I miss the most about Disney! Instead of being upset about it, I can play it on my TV! I cry watching Happily Ever After every time! I am so happy I can watch from my home with a great view and minus the humidity! It defiantly fills in for the time being!

Dress Up As Your Favorite Character

I recently have been doing this for the blog! I styled different Star Wars characters and Minnie Mouse! This is fun just to do a photoshoot around your house or in your yard! You’re officially pre-planning your photoshoot for you next Disney Vacation! Click here to read all my Disney Posts!

Create Magical Treats From Home

Disney has released tons of recipes for beignets, churros, dole whip, and TONGA TOAST! I am so excited to create tons of different recipes while we are stuck in the house! Click here to go to Disney Food Blog to check out all the posts!

Start A Disney Marathon on Disney+

If you have Disney+, I have a challenge for you! Look up the list of Disney Movies in chronological order and start watching from he beginning of Disney History! Start with the Walt Disney Animated shorts – Steamboat Willie is up first!

Ride Your Favorite Rides Virtually!

One point of view video I love to watch is Expedition Everest! Just standing in front of the TV while I watch ride videos make me feel like I’m right there! Try it at home and you’ll be so happy you did! Just grab your popcorn in a Mickey Mouse popcorn bucket and your good to go!

Create Your Own Disney Photo Wall

Grab some magazines and create a photo wall on your walls in your bedroom! This is something I am planning on doing in the next few days! I will make a whole blog post on how I complete it and show you how I do it.

I hope this gave you some inspo for Disney Magic in your home! Let me know what you are doing to bring Disney into your home!

Until tomorrow’s blog!

Lots of love,

Cheyenne Lenore


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