My Skincare & Self-Care Essentials | My Go-To Products & Routines

Skincare is such an important routine in life! We need to protect our skin since it’s the biggest organ on our body. – Thanks for coming to my Cheyenne Science Talk! ANYWAY – I am sharing my products that I love to use when I am taking a self care day or just my daily products I use!

Make Up Remover Wipes

I honestly have had the worst time finding the best makeup remover wipe to use until I found the Yes To Cucumber wipes. These are my favorite; they don’t irritate my dry/sensitive skin and they smell so good!

Cleanser & Exfoliant

We always need to have a go to cleanser! My go-to every day cleanser is Aveeno Daily Cleanser. It is soft and foamy! It gets the job done! I have super sensitive skin combined with dry skin so I have trouble finding cleansers that don’t give me an allergic reaction or red skin. This has been my go-to for about 3 years now and I love how refreshing it makes my face feel! Also, when I need an exfoliant, I usually go for the Aveeno Scrub or Ocean Salt from Lush!


I love using a toner to get an excess makeup that doesn’t come off with the makeup wipes or cleanser. AKA, my mascara ALL the time! I use the Mario Badescu Aloe Toner. This is great for any one who has sensitive skin like me. It’s light weight and doesn’t dry out my skin! In fact I noticed that it hydrates my skin unlike a lot of other toners I was using in the past. I have been using this toner for about a month and I am loving it!

Flawless Rose Quartz Roller

For the past couple of months I have been using the Flawless Rose Quartz Roller on my skin! It has helped de-puff my under eyes and my entire face! It’s relaxing and soothing! I used this almost daily! This is my go-to for having a great start to a self care day!

Grease Lightning – Spot Treatment

Grease Lightning is one of my holy grail products I’ve been using for YEARS! This product is my FAVORITE for treating any whiteheads or pimples that begin to form. This zaps everything thing away! A little bit goes a long way with this product. The best thing about it is it’s a spot treatment, so I can put this on any time throughout the day – with a fresh face of course!

Face Masks

If I am going for a true self care day, I will always add a face mask! Whether it’s from Yes To or a fresh mask from Lush – I am always down for a face mask to relax!


My go-to moisturizer is the Aveeno Daily Moisturizer. This one has been in my routine for the longest time! I have always had a good reaction with it and never really felt the need to change it! This is probably my favorite step in my skincare because my skin always is craving moisturizer since I have dry skin.

That is it for my skincare go to products & essentials! I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I use daily! Go get your self-care essentials and have mini spa day during this long weekend!

ALSO! I’ve been working on tons of new blogs so get ready for lots of upcoming content heading your way! I had a much needed self-care break planning content and organizing ideas!

Lots of love,

Cheyenne Lenore


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