The Easiest Way To Make Money On Poshmark | ALL My Poshmark Secrets

Hello All Fashionistas & Poshers!

I have been poshing officially for 3 years now! It’s crazy how the time flies by and how many items have been shipped out of my closed. Over 300 items sold and I have been making this side hustle finally pay off! I have been able to take a mini vacation with Poshmark funds and buy the equipment I needed to start my YouTube channel. Poshmark can change your life and it’s all right in your closet.

Look Through That Closet & Be Honest With Yourself

Girl, I KNOW you have stuff in your closet that you are not even wearing any more. It’s summer now! All the sweaters and boots are in the way of the summer wardrobe, so it’s time to get rid of it!

Sharing Everything In Your Closet every 2-3 hours

If you want people to keep seeing your items in your closet daily, I would share at least every 2-3 hours! I’ve been recently trying to do this more because I am seeing higher results with sharing more!

Making Offers When You Get Notified of Likes

They see it, they like it, they want it, they’ll get it! Once you notice someone has liked an item in your closet, send them an offer with the “offer to likers” tab. This will bring in the sales within seconds!

Post New Listings Daily

Wether it’s 1 or 20 items, post something daily so you will continuously be at the top of the feed for the shopping poshers! This will make your content more visible and keep showing up in the brands feeds.

Bundle Their Likes

If you see a shopper looking in your closet and liking a ton of items, do them a favor and bundle them! While you at it, give them an AMAZING discount they can’t resist – AKA free shipping or something for free.

Accepting All Offers

If someone is sending you an offer, ACCEPT IT. Don’t counter – don’t decline it – just accept it. I have been doing this more often since getting back on the app and things have been flying out of the closet!

Staying Active On The App

If you are staying active on the app, the chances of your sales will be a lot higher than if you haven’t opened and shared your listings in weeks. I had a drought in sales for the whole year until 2 weeks ago. I have made 20 sales within a week and a half – this never happens EVER until I started listing more and sharing consistently.

Putting In The Work

This is simple advice, but you will only receive what you put in. You have to work for it and be a girl boss. This is just like owning your own business.

I hope this blog inspired you to open up your own Poshmark Closet! This is a fun and easy way to do something during quarantine and make a little something extra!

If you have not seen my Poshmark Closet, click here! If you are new to it and just signing up, use my code CHEYENNEOLSON!

Until the next blog,

Lots of love,

Cheyenne Lenore


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