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Hello Fashionistas! Summer is around the corner!

I have been trying to find inexpensive accessories for the summer that I know I can DIY to rock for the upcoming months. I know Amazon is the number one place to shop if you want classic accessories for cheap, but super trendy and cute! I found a few that I know will be a hit trend for the summer, so shop with me “virtually”!

Straw Clutch Bag

I have been obsessed with straw handbags since a couple of summers ago. Every year I find new trends I love and recently, I’ve been loving straw clutches. I typically don’t carry around any clutches, but when I saw this one I knew this is going to be the one I try out! I want to decorate and DIY with colorful pompoms for a fun pop of color!

Straw Tote Bag

I have full intentions of DIYing this bag when I get it! I have seen floating around Instagram and Pinterest a tote bag of “Mickey Mouse PomPoms”. I love a classic straw tote bag and this one is perfect for any look during the summer! This bag comes with a blue and white stripe scarf! This is perfect for Fourth of July!

Fun Earrings For The Summer

I have been wanting to get cute new earrings! I honestly forget about earrings. CRAZY I KNOW! I have been loving wearing hoops and jewelry as of late and I am loving these earring options on Amazon! The white and tan drop down rattan earrings are everything I want in summer style! The green palm tree earrings give all the tropical vacation vibes!

Scarves For Handbags

Since last year, I’ve noticed that the trend of putting a scarf or tie around the handle of a bag is super in! Goodbye key chains! Hello printed scarves!

Scarves are the perfect accessory to style with your straw, rattan, or bamboo handbags! this is something that I love to do on the side handle of the bag. This can change the look of your bag and make any old straw one, feel brand new! You can not only put a scarf on straw bags, but any kind of handbag to add the summer vibes to your look! This is a simple and cute way for you to dress up and elevate your style! Get summer patterns like red and blue stripes or lemon and cheetah print!

Bamboo Handbags

Bamboo handbags are in for this summer! This half circle shape is a bag I have been wanting for a while! It’s a style I don’t have in my closet yet and looks fun for the summer! Add one of the scarves above would make this bag next level! I love the detail of each bamboo stick. I would wear this all summer long!

I hope you guys enjoyed these summer accessories ideas! I cannot wait to style some of these pieces in future blogs!

Until the next blog,

Lots of love,

Cheyenne Lenore


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