Curvy & Confident | The Best Swimsuit EVER.

Since it’s starting to get way hotter outside and I’m in need of a beach day! I wanted to share my favorite swimsuit I’ve ever purchased. EVER. This swimsuit is from Torrid. I talk a lot about Torrid, but the quality of their swimsuits are honestly the best quality out there.

I’m going to share with you all the details of this swimsuit and why it’s a big first for me!

I have always love two piece swimsuits. There is something I noticed and I reviled it in my Torrid Summer Haul on YouTube, click here to watch it. I have never owned a two piece set that actually matched until now. I couldn’t be happier that it’s in my favorite pattern!

This cheetah/leopard swimsuit honestly is the pretty swimsuit I’ve ever worn. I think it made me feel super confident! That’s the magic of Torrid swimsuits. This style is one of the best out there. Let’s “dive in” to the details!

I was hesitant to get a top that covered most of my entire top half of my body only because of tanning purposes, but I found that I really love this style. It’s girly, flirty, and fun. The sleeves are flowy and comfortable with a deep v neck. I surprised myself on ho comfortable I was with this top!

One thing with Torrid swimsuits is that they are super stretchy and tight at the same time to allow everything to stay in place! The top is my new favorite top for a swimsuit and I will be swimsuit repeating all summer long.

Let’s talk bottoms! I LOVE a high waisted bottom. Torrid has the iconic high waisted ruched bottoms that I love the most! These are super comfortable and stretchy. If you don’t buy anything else from Torrid for the summer, but a good pair of swim bottoms! They last forever and are great quality.

Thank you for Torrid! Ever since I started shopping their years ago, I finally found the perfect swimsuit bottoms. When I was younger, it was always are to find bottoms that would fit that weren’t a mini skirt style. Since buying these high waisted bottoms, I haven’t gone back to swim skirts!

Lately I have been accessorizing everything with a boater hat. This boater hat is from Torrid! It’s the perfect accessory for a summer day!

This swimsuit makes me totally feel curvy and confident! Since this is my first matching set, I felt so confident in it because I was embracing my true self! Yes, I am way too curvy and have big thighs, but that doesn’t stop me from showing it. This is the lesson that everyone needs to understand – if you love the swimsuit and want to wear it – GO FOR IT.

Recently it was national bikini day, and I shared on my Instagram three tips to remind yourself and bring more positivity – 1. Wear your bikinis if you want to! Don’t worry about what other people think. 2. Stop doubting yourself and start believing in yourself. 3. Embrace the flaws – show it off – if it makes you happy than do it!

I hope this blog inspired to you to enjoy the summer and get a new swimsuit even if we are only wearing it in the backyard! Get it and rock it! You’ve got this!

Until the next blog,

Lots of love,

Cheyenne Lenore


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